Road Trip Stop #7: Montana

July 11, 2016

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Another new state for me, Montana! The next stop of our road trip brought us to Billings, Montana. I don’t have much to stay about Billings. It’s a quaint town that to us, didn’t seem to have too much going on. We had a nice dinner at Walkers and that’s about as much of Billings as we experienced.

The next morning we were off to Yellowstone, but first took a detour to experience Beartooth Highway. This scenic drive totally blew my mind. One minute we were driving among lush greens, then as we climbed higher up the highway, we hit huge patches of snow, then on the way down we passed waterfalls. The 68-mile drive is well worth the extra time in the car.

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The Beartooth Highway leads into Yellowstone National Park, the next part of our journey (and a third new state for me, Wyoming). The following days were a series of national park explorations and later this week, I’ll give you the details of our favorite spots.

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