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July 17, 2012

Have you ever taken a barre class? I’ve taken a few and they are unlike any other workout. I’m used to pushing it hard with running and cycling, but barre classes are a slower paced workout that still get you feeling the burn. It’s perfect for dancers (or wannabe ballerinas). If you’re interested in trying it out, NYSC is offering free classes to members & non-members during the next two weeks. Below is the schedule and RSVP information. I’ve never taken this class at NYSC, so if you do try it out, please let me know what how it was!

About vBarre: Vbarre transcends the typical ballet barre exercise class by blending ballet, Pilates and resistance training into a calorie-burning workout. The result is a lean and sculpted body in minimal time. Choreographed movements using a ballet barre, light weights and a glide board are set to motivating music.

For the week of 7/23, here is the schedule:

·         Monday 7:15pm-East 36th

·         Monday 7:00pm-East 91st

·         Tuesday 6:15pm-East 91st

·         Wednesday 6:30pm-East 91st

·         Monday 7:30pm-West 80th

For  the week of 7/30, here is the schedule:

·         Monday 5:00pm-West 23rd

·         Tuesday 5:15pm-West 23rd

·          Tuesday 5:15pm-Sheridan

·         Wednesday 7:45pm-Sheridan

·         Thursday 8:00pm (Vbarre Bootcamp)-Sheridan

·         Thursday 5:45pm-Crowne Plaza

·         Thursday 7:30pm-Crowne Plaza

·         Friday 6:00pm-Sheridan

RSVP Instructions

·         Please RSVP to Andrea Pellettiere, Specialty Program Manager at andrea.pellettiere@town-sports.com or (917) 351-6680 X1569 with your class of choice.

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