HERE IT IS! My OFFICIAL NYC Marathon Training Schedule*!

Thank you to everyone who sent feedback on my original schedule. After hearing about over-training and the “less-is-more” approach, I’ve decided to take make my schedule based off a routine my friend (thanks Becky!) used for her first marathon- The Less Is More Plan from Runner’s World.

It includes 3 days of running each week where other programs typically have 4-5. This works well with my schedule, giving me plenty of time for cross-training/spin class, plus it’s 16 weeks, the exact amount of time I have after my triathlon. My friend said this plan prepared for the race without over-training her, it was hard (as is any marathon-prep), but it got her to the finish line.

I’ve made the plan work for my own schedule, adding in my spin classes, plus at least 1 day of strength training (or cardio conditioning) with the option to add a second day or rest, depending on how I feel that week. I’ve also added the “bonus” column with the hope that each week I’ll be able to fit in a yoga class.

If you’re in the NYC area and training for a marathon and want to join for some long runs, let me know!

*the half marathon is still TBD but will be around weeks 7-10 & will slightly alter the long run schedule

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