Race Week: Getting Ready for Sunday’s Tri

We’re finally at RACE WEEK! The NYC Triathlon is this Sunday and I’m prepping by:

  • Going easy on my workouts
  • Eating nutritional meals and snacks
  • Getting a sports massage (woohoo)
  • Packing up my gear and buying last minute items I may be missing
  • Continually checking the weather (not looking so good!)
  • Remind myself to chill out (during race week I always experience random aches and pains which I’m pretty sure are all in my head)


This morning was my last swim before the race. I did a light 20 minute swim and it felt ok. The swim in the Hudson is probably my least favorite part of the race but as long as I stay calm I should get through it.


Tuesday I was all set to sleep in but couldn’t resist meeting up with four friends for a few laps around Central Park. It’s always good to get some time on your bike the week before a race. Hours on the stationary bike don’t always cut it.


Look at this deliciousness. After my spin/swim this morning I had three egg whites and my mid morning snack is this mix of Emerald Vanilla Roast Almonds, Nature Box Sweet Blueberry Almonds and Raw Organic Coconut.

I try not to get too wrapped up in the forecast because whatever happens will happen and I have zero control over it. Some years it’s raining, some years it’s 100 degrees, you get what you get! For this year, it’s not looking great but we’ll have to wait and see.

In other important and unrelated news, a Laguna Beach marathon is currently playing on MTV and it’s giving me life today.

How Do You #fuelyourbetter? Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer

I LOVE to workout (oh, you didn’t notice?) but sometimes my energy levels are below where they need to be to get me out the door and on the road to a solid workout. This is particularly troubling when I’m leading a class and need to be on top of my game, working out and talking for 45 minutes.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been using Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer; it’s a plant-based powder that you add to water to increase mental focus, energy and boost endurance. Take it 20 minutes before runs, yoga, pilates and gym workouts; it’s engineered for low intensity or short duration exercise lasting under an hour.

What makes these so unique is that they are low calorie and are specifically made for lower-intensity workouts. I’ve tried tons of bars, protein powders and smoothies before workouts but often times they are high calorie and when I’m only doing a 45-minute workout, it’s not necessary. It’s too much intake given the effort I’m putting into my workout. I love these energizers because they will give me a mini-boost for my shorter workouts.

If I’m about to take on a 3 hour triathlon training workout I would absolutely need more than one of these energizers but when I’m headed to the gym to lead a class, it’s perfect. These packets have taken up permanent residence at my desk as I need them the most when I’m headed to an evening class after a long day at the office.

Vega Sport is prepared to get you through whatever workout awaits you. Their latest campaign “Fuel Your Better" helps you decide what nutrition will be optimal for your workout. Use THIS LINK to discover the right product for your training and racing plans. Muscle burn, motivation, soreness, stamina and so on, whatever your issue is, Vega has a product.

I’ve tried Vega bars and protein powders and I’m a fan of everything I’ve tasted. It’s important to me to eat real food made with real ingredients (not chemically engineered) and with intense training that can be difficult. I’m hoping to try the Endurance Gel soon, sounds ideal for long races.

For my readers out there that are struggling and need an extra boost, check out FuelYourBetter.com and let me know which products you try!

*product was supplied by Fit Approach but all opinions are my own!*

Is there anything worse than being back at work after a vacation? I spent the last 5 days out in Fire Island taking in the beautiful sunsets and beaches. And now I’m back chugging a green juice and getting back into the rhythm of the real world. More to come on the vacation, but for now let’s just stare at photos of the ocean and pretend we’re there.

Vacation Workout Plans

With a long beach getaway on the horizon, I don’t want to completely abandon my workouts, especially with the NYC Triathlon in less than two weeks. I’m planning for a few beach runs but want to get in some strength and conditioning work as well. A lot of beach towns are jumping on all the fitness trends and the Hamptons in particular has more fitness than you can fit into a long weekend. I’ll be in Fire Island and after a little online searching, it appears the fitness frenzy hasn’t yet hit the island. That’s fine, I’ll be making my own workouts and have a few friends that will join me.

While it would be great to have weights, that’s not going to happen (Fire Island doesn’t have cars so getting there involves a train, a bus and a ferry, not ideal for carrying heavy weights). Luckily there are some super light items you can pack that will improve your workouts. Two things I’m packing come from Dazadi:

J5 Exercise Bands, $24.99 for 3

JFit Jump Rope, $16.99

I’ll be putting together a couple of routines using these as inspiration:

What’s your go-to workout routine when traveling?

New Grilling Idea: Scallions

In February when my family was vacationing in Spain we were pretty adventurous with our dining. We visited a bunch of different markets and tried new foods, including Calcots, Catalonia’s Spring Onion. We were almost done with our meal at the Santa Caterina Market and saw locals around us eating these weird onions and without really knowing what they were, pointed them out to our waiter and ordered up a plate. We also had to ask how to eat them (you peel off the first layer).


We were so happy we made the last minute addition to our order because they were delicious and unique. I don’t know if Calcots are available in the US (maybe a speciality market?) but with the inspiration from our trip to Spain we tried to replicate the dish with scallions. Maybe not quite as exotic but still very tasty. 

What to do: Take a bunch of fresh scallions, cut off the little spikes at the end (the white side), wash the scallion then sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss them on the grill and flip over when they start to char. It only takes a couple of minutes and they should be good to go.



If you think you’ve made too many, you probably didn’t. The shrink up once cooked and also they are so tasty I could eat 100 of them (which is great, because that’s approximately how many I bought last time we grilled, they are so cheap!). LIke any good grill session, we cooked up a variety of fruits and veggies. Pictured above is eggplant, fig and the scallions.

If you’re looking for something new to grill, try scallions and if you go to Barcelona make sure you order the Calcots!

Let’s Get Fancy: Wedding Prep & Beauty Must-Haves

'Tis the season of weddings! Actually, I have a consistent stream of weddings throughout the year (and by year, I mean every year for the past 3 years), we just happen to be in the busy season right now. On Saturday my beautiful friends Lianna and Josh tied the knot at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and it was absolutely gorgeous (I need to get back to the Gardens soon just to walk around and take it all in).


I don’t get dressed up or care much about makeup for work, but I try to step it up a notch for weddings. I’ve been debating buying Urban Decay’s Naked3 palette so finally on Saturday I wandered over to Sephora to bite the bullet and drop the $54 for eyeshadow. While there, I asked if they do makeup and the cost. I had NO idea that if you spend $50 or more on product they will do your full makeup for free! Am I the only one who didn’t know this? Anyways, I jumped at the opportunity to get my makeup done with the purchase of the palette. I had them use it so they could show me how to layer the colors. 

I’m always in need of new makeup, hair supplies and who knows what else from Sephora so my new game plan is to wait to make a purchase until before each wedding, then get a free makeover while I’m there! I was lucky that they had a slot open and had mine done by Amanda at the West 76th street location. She did an awesome job and I highly recommend her!

So aside from my latest Naked3 purchase, I have a few other must-haves.


After I straighten my hair using an FHI iron, I use the Drybar 3-Day Bender curling iron. It takes some getting used to, it’s unlike other irons as the barrel spins (here’s a good tutorial from The College Prepster) but I’ve improved greatly in the past couple of weeks from practice and studying YouTube videos. The iron gets hot but somehow doesn’t feel like it’s burning your hair and the curls hold really well.

After using the iron, I follow up with Drybar’s firm hold hair spray. Straightening/curling my hair is a long process so I try to get it to hold for a few days. Since I’m always working out (and therefore sweating), I use Alterna’s dry shampoo (smells like coconut!) before and after working out.

And for a little summer glow without the skin damage, I love St. Tropez’s bronzing mousse. It’s the best one I’ve tried, it isn’t streaky, it looks natural and it’s easy to apply (make sure to get the mitt).

All of these items are available at Sephora, if you’re planning to buy any/all, make sure to take advantage of the free makeup session as well!

And now, some pictures from the wedding!