{9/26} Weekly Class Schedule & Weekend Faves

September 25, 2016

SF Views Weekend

view in Muir Woods

This weekend may have been the most gorgeous one since we moved to San Francisco. The chilly weather made way for sunny & warm perfection, temperatures going as high as 91 (pool day!). We were lucky to get such great weather and had another round of visitors to share it with. With our friends in town, we had a lot on our agenda–hike at Lands End, a tour of Alcatraz, a visit to Muir Woods and Sausalito a some touristy exploration across the city. Not to mention a lot of good food (wedding diet, promise we are getting back together starting today).

Hard to pick a favorite moment, but the views and company are pretty memorable.


view from Lands End


view from Alcatraz


And now my weekly class schedule. I’ll be traveling east at the end of the week for some wedding prep, so the schedule is a bit abbreviated. Get in to see me when you can before I go!

Cheers to the new week friends, let’s make it a good one!

SF Sweat Spotlight: Orangetheory Mission Bay

September 21, 2016

Orangetheory Mission Bay

With my move from NYC to SF, I’m fortunate that I went from one awesome fitness city to another. As a lover of all-things fitness, exploring SF means checking out all the different fitness and wellness studios and active opportunities around town. I’m going to share my experiences with you, from SF and as I travel to different cities and check out the fitness scenes. I used to highlight workouts and studios more on this blog, and now I’m bringing it back with the Sweat Spotlight!

Sweat Spotlight: Orangetheory Mission Bay

What better way to kick it off than with one of the places I teach, Orangetheory Fitness. I wrote about my experience at OTF NYC a while back, but now as a coach, I have more insight into what makes the workout so awesome. Each 60-minute full body workout challenges members to surpass their limits. In class you’ll work on treadmills, rowers and the weight floor. Students wear a heart rate monitor so you can check your progress and how hard you’re working throughout class. It’s called Orangetheory because each heart rate zone has a color, orange is at 84% of your max heart rate. The goal of each class is to be in that orange zone, which is challenging and uncomfortable, for 12 or more minutes. Reach that goal and your body will continue burning calories long after class ends. If your someone who likes to know how many calories you burn with each workout, this is the most accurate recording thanks to the heart rate monitors.

While each day includes full-body workouts, each day has a different focus:

  • Strength: Inclines on the treadmills, heavier weights on the weight floor
  • Endurance: Longer blocks of work on the treadmills, continuous movement on the weight floor
  • Power: Quick sprints on the treadmills, explosive movements on the weight floor

orangetheory mission bay

There are currently two OTF San Francisco locations, Mission Bay and Financial District. The studios have only been open a few months and are quickly growing a strong and loyal membership base.

orangetheory mission bay

I’m currently teaching about 10 classes a week and try to take 2-3 classes a week. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger each workout, I’ve been steadily increasing my treadmill speeds and have greatly improved my rowing form. I mentioned this in my last post about The Giant Race, but to expand a bit, I believe that working out at OTF lead me to what I think is my 10k PR. Intervals on the treadmill with sprints and inclines is a great way to improve your running.

Is OTF for you?

This workout is great for a variety of goals. We have a ton of members striving to lose weight and gain overall health. We also have a group of members that are already in incredible shape and OTF continues to challenge them to get faster and stronger. Training for a race? It’s great for that too as compliments to your longer runs. Because each workout is super customizable for each student, from people new to working out, to fitness pros, it works for everyone.

Orangetheory Studio Costs

Orangetheory in SF isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. The workouts are different everyday and no matter your fitness level, you’ll be able to challenge yourself each day.

You can buy class packs and do drop ins, but to really see results, we recommend coming 3-4x per week and offer memberships to accommodate this. Because memberships are encouraged, you get to know your fellow members and the instructors get to know you, and then we can help push you to reach your goals.

Orangetheory Studio Amenities

The Orangetheory Mission Bay studio has classes as early as 5am and as late as 8pm. There are only two showers but it’s not too hectic in the mornings if you’re heading straight from the studio to work. As classes get more crowded, this might become an issue if you’re in a rush getting to the office. For your first class you’ll get a free water and sweat towel, after that you’re responsible for bringing your own. The studio is spacious and clean.

Post Class Treats Near Orangetheory Mission Bay

After class at Orangetheory Mission Bay, I recommend grabbing an acai bowl at the Bowl’d Acai truck at Spark Social (601 Mission Bay Blvd) or an almond milk matcha latte at Cafe Reveille (610 Long Bridge St).

If you’re interested in checking out OTF, send me a message and come as my guest. I’d love to show you what it’s all about!

Any questions about the workout or the studio? Please comment below.

Race Recap: The Giant Race SF 10k

September 20, 2016

The Giant Race

photo via

When someone offers me a free bib to a race that starts and ends a couple of blocks from my apartment, it’s hard for me to say no. That’s what brought me to The Giant Race 10k. Starting and ending at the baseball stadium in Mission Bay, it seemed too convenient to pass up. I hadn’t planned on running but a free race, sure why not!

Everything about this race was pretty breezy, from the expo to the finish line. The race expo was held in the concession area of the stadium, was well-run with no wait times and had a bunch of vendors giving out tasty samples. MM, Ollie and I made our way through. Bonus points for this race having a really cute v-neck tech t-shirt free with registration. Oh and having free range of the park made for some good race pics.

The Giant Race



The Giant Race: Race Day

Sunday morning I got to the race start about 10 minutes before the kick off. I’ve learned to relax with my race lineup. Unless it’s a big crowded race that I’ve been training months for, I’ll limit the amount of time I need to stand around at the race start.   img_4513


At 7am sharp, the race began. We started at AT&T park and for the 10k, it was 3 miles out and back along the Embarcadero. For SF peeps looking for a PR-worthy course, this one might be it. The road is completely flat and because it’s not a huge race, there wasn’t much weaving; you really could go as fast as your legs could take you. I will note that after the turn around, things got a little murky. There didn’t seem to be many people working the race to keep people in their lanes, so while I was running towards the finish, the half marathoners making their way out totally took over the return lane. It wasn’t such a big deal, everyone on their way back ran on the sidewalk instead of the street, but this could have been better managed.

After about 6 miles, we entered into AT&T park to do the final stretch in the stadium. Even though I’m not a Giant’s fan, it was still cool to complete the race on the field. Upon finishing, there were medals, water and snacks for racers. I only hung out long enough to snap a few pictures than walked home, all before 8am!


I haven’t done too many 10k races recently, but it was fun to do the shorter distance and get the opportunity to challenge myself with speed. Looking back, this may have actually been my fastest 10k ever with a finish time of 49:55 (8:02 pace). I haven’t been running a ton outside, but speed and strength classes at Orangetheory seem to be paying off.

Would I do this race again? Sure! It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and is the perfect opportunity to challenge your pace whether you’re doing the 10k or half marathon (maybe I’ll try that next time, because hey check out that view below).

The Giant Race

photo via

Since moving to SF I’ve done this race and The San Francisco Half Marathon. To my readers familiar with SF racing, what else should I look into? I love local races and hope to get another on my agenda soon!

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