SF Sweat Spotlight: Avant-Barre

January 17, 2017

Exploring the fitness scene in SF & beyond. Today’s SF Sweat Spotlight, my favorite local barre studio, Avant-Barre.

Avant-Barre SF photo via

One of the first things I looked for when I arrived in SF was a solid barre studio. I moved to SF about 5 months prior to my wedding and knew that barre would be a main bridal-prep workout. After some Yelping, I found Avant-Barre, located in SoMa and about a 15 minute walk from my apartment.  I hoped that all the amazing reviews were accurate, and after one class, I knew they were.

The first thing I noticed about Avant-Barre was the welcoming and warm studio feel. The studio is intimate with an entryway/waiting area, small locker area/changing room and one bright and airy studio. After the first class the instructors and front desk girls knew my name and welcomed me back. It felt like I was instantly part of the community.


Avant-Barre Class Overview

I’ve attended my fair share of barre classes and Avant-Barre is unique. The 55-minute classes are small, maxing out at about 17 students. You get the group feel and are motivated by those around you, but also get personal attention and helpful corrections each class. I’ve been to almost every instructor and while they bring their own personality to the room, they are all super sweet and encouraging. You can see the similarities from class to class, but it feels much less repetitive than other studios I’ve been to. Even going 3 times a week, I never got bored.

Oh and one thing I must mention, they rarely, if ever, mention tucking your hips. Hallelujah! I’ve been to so many barre classes where they mention tucking your hips every other sentence and some of us just don’t know what the heck you are talking about. At Avant-Barre I never felt like I didn’t know what the instructor was talking about. While there are micro-movements, as you’ll experience in any barre class, it’s more obvious what the correct form is. Avant-Barre doesn’t use any weights, just body weight, but trust me, when done right–it’s enough! There’s typically a good amount of core work (planks for days!) and arm work (if your push ups need some work, you’ll get it here).

The music is kept at a relatively low volume and allows you to focus in on your form. The playlists are all are perfectly selected and I love the music style.

Each class at Avant-Barre feels like a combo of barre, cardio and yoga. The majority of the class is barre-based, has a splash of cardio and ends with a few moments of zen so you leave the room feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.


Avant-Barre Pricing & Packages

I have to give Avant-Barre a special shout out for having very reasonable package prices. For new students you can try 1-month unlimited for $129 and then there are two membership options: 10 classes a month+10% off apparel for $149 or $199+1 private session+20% off apparel for $199. A la carte options are a single class for $30 or 10 classes for $250. I highly recommend subscribing (scroll down to sign up) to their emails as Avant-Barre often offers discounts and special deals to subscribers. Avant-Barre is also on ClassPass.


The Beginning of Avant-Barre

Let’s back up a moment, how did Avant-Barre get started? I sat down for coffee with the creator/owner and cool #GirlBoss Nini Gueco. With a background in dance, Nini was teaching at another barre studio while balancing her day job as a mortgage consultant. Eventually she was ready to take a leap and created her own style of barre and began teaching to friends for free. After interest grew, she was able to build Avant-Barre into a real business and opened the SoMa studio in 2014.

As someone who comes from a similar background of balancing a desk job and fitness, I was so inspired by Nini’s story. I love how she went about building her business, starting small, testing it out and eventually taking the bigger leap to go full-force with Avant-Barre. Nini said the scariest part was creating her own brand and truly putting herself and her ideas out into the world. Fortunately, her honest and open approach has built up Avant-Barre to have a very solid community of followers.

Avant-Barre has been expanding their community offerings with days of wellness (I spoke at one!) and hikes, with more out-of-the-studio get togethers on the horizon–I’m excited to see what they host next.


Is Avant-Barre For You?

Going back to where this post started, I began going to Avant-Barre to get ready for my wedding. I made it to class 3-4x a week and I could totally see and feel the changes. While I am a tad uncoordinated and by no means a ballerina, I definitely improved as I continued to go on a regular basis. By my wedding I felt toned and lean, but also strong. With the frequent class visits, I’m pretty sure this was the leanest my legs have ever been (not that this mattered in wedding dress, but still).

Whether you’re slimming down for your wedding or not, I highly recommend you check out Avant-Barre. The welcoming vibe, the challenging but doable hourlong session and the happy and open way you feel leaving the room makes this studio my favorite barre studio.

Thanks to the amazing staff, if you’re a barre newbie or a pro ballerina, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. The classes are great for all levels and if your first class feels tough, don’t feel discouraged. Stick with it and I promise you’ll get into the swing of things within the first 3-4 classes.


Meet Me At the Barre

I’m sad to admit that since the wedding my attendance at Avant-Barre has been lacking, but it’s time to get back into the studio! Want to check out a class together? Comment below or shoot me a message and let’s hit the barre.

My Fitness Goals for 2017

January 9, 2017

My four fitness goals to keep things interesting in 2017.


I’ve already shared my resolutions for 2017, but goals are a whole different beast. I actually think I prefer goals because they tend to be more concrete, making them easier to achieve and helps to keep me accountable.

I’ve been a fitness fanatic for as long as I can remember and with that, comes highs and lows, periods of extreme motivation and a lack there of. It’s important to take a look at your fitness routine, make sure you’re doing workouts you actually enjoy, and if you like to challenge yourself, setting up attainable, yet hard-to-achieve goals that take real work. By setting those goals, you’ll better yourself and heighten your fitness levels. This year I’m setting four fitness goals to keep things fresh and to keep me on track, continuing to challenge myself.

Try Trail Running

I happen to live in a city that has the most gorgeous trails nearby and I can’t take that for granted. We’ve gone on a few hikes and while I struggled up the trail, runners passed me by. As a road runner who happens to live in a totally flat part of San Francisco, I know running up a mountain is not going to be easy, but I have to give it a go. I love using running as a means to explore beautiful new-to-me places, so trail running sounds like a given. Trail running wasn’t too popular in NYC, but here we’ve got a car and endless beautiful running trails a few short miles away. I already got outfitted with trail running gear from New Balance, so I have no excuse to not make this goal a reality.  Readers: are any of you trail runners? If so, I’d love tips, please share some in the comments!

Take on a Big Race

A “big race” means different things to different people and for me it leans towards triathlon, Ironman and marathon. I’ve done so many half marathons that I struggle to place this in the “big” category, but if I trained and fought for a PR, a half would definitely be considered big. In past years I’ve been known to sign up for too many races, make training plans, and then not train. This year, I want to sign up for a couple of carefully selected races that I’m excited to compete in, and do my best to train and enjoy the training process. I have my eye on an Ironman 70.3 and a couple of half marathons. Once I confirm my entries I’ll share more on this.

Embrace Slower Workouts

I’ve played around with barre, yoga and pilates, but in the long term don’t tend to stick with these types of workouts. While I love a good HIIT session, I’ve more recently come to appreciate the workouts that slow our bodies down, while still making them work. There’s a Core Power Yoga opening underneath my apartment building later this month I am SO excited for super convenient yoga. I also plan to make it to more barre, megaformer and pilates classes.

Listen to my body

Legs feeling dead and like I should take a rest day? If that’s the case, I’m going to actually take that race day. I can get into a go-go-go rhythm, taking few or no rest days for weeks at a time. I know rest days are a necessary for a healthy fitness routine and I also know that when I give my body proper rest, my workouts the rest of the week are that much stronger. It seems silly to admit that NOT working out is hard for me, but it’s the truth. As I start to train for races, I’m going to make my training plans something that I will truly be able to stick to and will include those much-needed rest days.

Fitness Goals

Now you share. What’s your fitness goals for 2017?

2016 Highlights: My Year in Review

January 6, 2017

The past year wasn’t all fun and games, but these 2016 highlights show why this year was full of so much goodness.

2016 highlights

I know, 2016 was a bit of a doozy. Not the best year on a macro level, was it now? And I know that. Even if the world was going crazy, on a micro level my year was pretty stellar, and I hope looking back, you too celebrated many personal victories and big moments. These are the moments that made my year one of the biggest & life changing ones yet.

2016 Highlights

Got Engaged, January 23rd


Kicked off 2016 with a January blizzard engagement! Even though we’d been together a long time and I knew it’d be coming soon, I did not expect a proposal in the middle of a snowy Central Park, complete with a photographer and guitar player. You can read the full engagement story here. I can’t believe it’s almost been a full year since that special day!

Cross Country Road Trip, May 31st-June 17th

Road Trip

I was so thrilled to be able to do this trip. Taking a cross-country road trip had been a long time goal of mine and I didn’t know if it would ever become a reality. I was obsessed with this adventure and all the stops we made and National Parks we visited. A highlight for me were the Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming. Those snow-capped mountains were so beautiful. I hope to make it back there someday soon.

Moved to California, June 17th

Moving to California

After 9 amazing years in New York City, MM and I bid farewell to our dear city. As much as I was ready to leave NYC and try something new, driving away was extremely bittersweet and I miss New York a lot. Am I glad we moved? Yes, but I still miss the familiarity and most of all, our friends and having family close(r) by. But sometimes we need to leave comfort and take a leap and that’s what we did. And hey, if you’re going to take a leap, a leap to California isn’t a bad one to make. It’s been an adjustment that is still a work in progress, but exploring the West Coast has been pretty dreamy.

Ran 3 Half Marathons

Race Medals

I can’t do a yearly recap without mentioning some races, right? I ran my final race as an NYC resident, the Brooklyn Half in May, then ran my first race as a Cali resident, the San Francisco Half in July and then went on an epic trip to Vancouver for the Lululemon Seawheeze Half with a house full of blogger babes in August. While I didn’t put in many training hours for any of these races and didn’t get any PRs in the process, these races were all very special to me. I did so many races in NYC from mini 4-milers to the NYC Marathon and the NYC Triathlons (6 times!) that it was meaningful to do just one more race before heading west. And then the San Francisco Half Marathon was a beautiful welcome to my new city. The last five years that I lived in NYC, I lived next to Central Park and just steps away from many race starting lines, which totally spoiled me and I loved it. The SF half kicked off less than a mile from my apartment, not bad at all, and it was a great chance to experience the city as a newbie, especially the foggy miles over the Golden Gate Bridge. I hope to do this race again in 2017, plus a few more.

Bachelorette in Charleston, Labor Day Weekend

Charleston Bachelorette

Can I please book another trip with 13 of my best friends? Sad to say, I think your bachelorette party is the only rare opportunity for this to happen, and damn, I’m sad it’s over. It’s making me emotional writing about it because I have such an amazing group of girlfriends and the fact they all booked flights to celebrate and party with me is a really special and meaningful thing. We explored Charleston, SC and the city lives up to all the hype. I miss all my friends so much and wish I could relive this entire weekend (except for the little hurricane at the beginning that made the trip a little challenging for a few of my friends, hi Lauren, Steph & Genniva!).

Got Married, November 5th

Fall Wedding

Another huge milestone! After months of planning, MM and I tied the knot in front of our closest friends and family. Our wedding thankfully went just as I had planned on the most beautiful fall day in Virginia. All the hard work and details came together in a mostly stress-free celebration, despite doing a lot of the planning from across the country. Wedding planning is tough but fun work and I’m glad I was able to get through most of the prep with a smile and the support of my family and friends. It all goes by just as fast as everyone says it does and all wedding related things, now looking back, flew by. While I’m sad it’s over, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders that it went as I had hoped and everyone had fun. Since I can’t relive it, I’ll stick with endlessly scrolling through the pictures (more of which I’ll post on the blog soon!).

Lots of Travel, All Year!

2016 Highlights

Travel is a theme of this post with our cross country road trip and our honeymoon (below), but it deserves it’s own headline too. I love traveling and exploring new places and this year I was lucky to visit a bunch of new places, and visit some old favorites. One of my life goals is to visit all 50 states and at the end of this year I’m up to 38, adding three new ones from 2016: Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. Other especially memorable places from 2016 travel include Africa, Charleston, Ann Arbor, Madison, Los Angeles, Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, Vermont, Virginia, Park City, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, and even more.


Honeymooned in Africa, December 25th-January 4th

Safari Honeymoon

And what better way to close out a wild year than with a trip to Africa! MM and I just returned from our safari adventure through Zimbabwe and Botswana and it was incredible. I’m going to give you a full trip recap in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll say it was so exciting, different from any trip I’ve ever been on, and one I’ll never forgot. It’s pretty crazy to ring in the new year in Africa, but oops, I fell asleep before midnight. When I woke up and headed to our 5:30am breakfast, it was the perfect time to text my friends in the US as they were still waiting for the ball to drop (10 hour time difference! it’s really a miracle I’m even writing this post just after the journey home). If you’re considering a trip to Africa, let me tell you–take it.

Sure, this post makes it seem like my life is full of magical positivity. And yes, lots of amazing things did happen, but like anyone, the year had struggles and down moments as well. But while we look back, I choose to see the good and use the not-so-good as as motivation to be a stronger and better person in the new year. I know this comes a bit past new years, but let me take this chance to wish you all a new year full of incredible and positively life changing events!

2016 Highlights

All wedding photos via the incredible Candice Adelle Photography

Resolution Look Back & 2017 Goals

December 26, 2016

Time to set those 2017 resolutions! What’s your biggest goal for the year ahead?

2017 Resolutions

Who loves New Years resolutions? Maybe you’re one of those awesome people who doesn’t need to make resolutions because throughout the year you continue to set big goals and crush ’em. Ok, I try to do that too, but there’s nothing like January 1 to get your butt in action.

Confession, when I sat down to write this post, I couldn’t remember a single resolution I made for 2016. Whoops. Well, this year has been a crazy one so I’ll cut myself some slack. Good thing I have this handy blog to remind me of my goals.

Those elusive 2016 resolutions were…

  • Live in the Now
  • Invest in Myself
  • Practice Self Care
  • Take Advantage of My Surroundings
  • Stay Connected

I’ll admit now, that at the time when I posted these I hadn’t announced I was moving out of NYC, but I already knew it was happening, which is why some of those resolutions were so key–take advantage of my surroundings and stay connected. Looking back at my resolutions, I did a decent job. Not perfect, but who is?

Living in the now has been one of the biggest ones from 2016. I tried my best to truly enjoy every moment, and there were some BIG moments: getting engaged, moving across the country and getting married, just to name a few.

Those other resolutions, I’ve done okay. Being across the country from many of my friends and family makes staying connected a challenge, and also a priority. I hope to continue to make this a priority moving forward.

And now I’m ready to think about the new year ahead. Typically I have a big list of resolutions swirling around in my head, but this December, things are seeming foggy. I think it’s thanks to all the changes in the past year, plus uncertainty with where things are going (hello job search). That being said, there are a few things I’d love to accomplish in 2017.

2017 Resolutions

  1. Be Consistent with ShapinUp: I know a key to being a blogger boss is being consistent with your content. I’ve been going through phases with how frequently I blog but I truly want to be consistent and turn ShapinUp into a more reliable resource.
  2. Keep Learning: Since I haven’t been in an office job for a few months, I’m really missing learning new things and know that even out of the office, there is so much learning to be done. I’m on a bit of a spending freeze at the moment, but there are tons of resources to learn new things for free. My resolution is to take advantage of the free (or at least cheap) online and community tools and to keep learning.
  3. Take More [Calculated] Risks: By risks, I don’t mean going sky diving (although if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it), but I’m referring to risks as in tackling things that might seem scary, challenging or intimidating. Maybe it’s reaching out to a new person, launching new business ideas (I have a few I’ve been toying with) or just saying yes to things I’d typically so no to.
  4. Enjoy Training & Racing: I ran a couple of races in 2016 but I barely prepared, it just wasn’t a priority and that’s okay. This year, I’m not even sure I want to put in the hard fight for a PR, so for now I’ll say my resolution is to put in balanced and focused training effort and enjoy the process. When I’m not training for a race, I usually wish I was, and then when I sign up for a race, I lose training motivation after a few weeks. A vicious cycle, right? So whatever my actual race goals are, I want the main priority to be to enjoy the experience (excited to share my 2017 racing plans with you in January!).
  5. Be Better At Resolutions: Can a resolution be about resolutions? To better tackle resolutions, it requires more than jotting it down, it requires a plan. Now that I have my goals set out, I’m going to make a game plan to get these things done, and I’m also going to set a reminder each month to check in on my progress.

resolution tips

More on that 5th resolution, how exactly do we make our resolutions stick? Instead of just listing your resolutions, take the time to think through each one and figure out why it’s important to you, and then figure out the steps that it requires to get done. Set check-in reminders, either on your google calendar, posted on your fridge, wherever. When those check-in dates hit, refer back to your resolutions and if you’ve fallen off track, take the time to make changes and refocus those goals. And most importantly, if you check back and realize your priorities and goals have shifted, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel stuck to your original list, you can create new resolutions and edit old ones any day of the year.

2017 can be our year, let’s make it a great one.

Tiem Cycling Shoes: New Sneaks for the Spin Room

December 21, 2016

Why you need cycling shoes, and why Tiem is my new favorite.

Cycling Shoes

If you’re a regular in cycling classes and don’t have your own cycling shoes, what are you waiting for? Oh, were you waiting for the perfect cycling shoes to be invented? You’re in luck, Tiem did just that. Before I get to what makes these particular shoes so great, let me preach to you all the reasons you should splurge your own shoes.

Why You Need Your Own Cycling Shoes

If you go to SoulCycleyou’re paying a $3 rental fee. That’s just throwing money away. After 41 classes, you’ve officially paid for the cost a pair of Tiem cycling shoes. 41 classes might seem like a lot, but I bet if you’re a Soul devotee, you go at least once a week, right?

If you go to FlyWheelthe shoe rentals are free, but like, it’s kinda gross, no? I’m not such a germaphobe but if I can avoid wearing communal shoes, I’m going to avoid it.

If you go to Equinox (or many other large gyms)…instead of clipping in, you can flip the pedal over and use the strap to secure your shoe. But here’s the deal, it is so uncomfortable to do that. To keep it tight and secure enough, it pinches at your foot, and even so, it’s not as secure as clipping in. When you’re clipped in it’s far more comfortable on your foot (no strap digging into your feet) and you’ll get a stronger pull up on the pedal stroke, giving you a more powerful and well-rounded ride. For those of you who haven’t tried clipping in, trust me it will make your ride so much smoother and more comfortable.

Cycling Shoes

All About Tiem Cycling Shoes

Alright, so now that you’re on board with investing in a pair of cycling shoes, let me tell you about Tiem. I’ve been indoor cycling for 10+ years and have had my own shoes that whole time. I’ve tried a few different styles and have been pretty content, with a few pros and cons along the way. What makes Tiem so you unique is that they are made to be comfortable on and off the bike.

Many cycling shoes have clips that stick out, making a click-clack sound as you walk on hard surfaces, and even though that’s annoying, what’s worse is the possibility of falling. The clips that stick out make for a very slippery walk. If you’re a student, you likely aren’t walking around too much, but as an instructor, I’ve had way too many close calls walking around the studio, nearly slipping and sliding onto my butt as I coach (happy to report I haven’t actually fallen, but it’s not a good feeling knowing it could happen at any moment).

Tiem clips are recessed, so when you’re off the bike, it feels like you’re strolling around in normal sneakers. And just like regular sneakers, if you want to do a little extra gym work after cycling, you can wear these to walk around the gym floor and are comfortable and stable enough for weight lifting. I wouldn’t recommend them for a HIIT class or running, but otherwise I’d be happy to keep these on for post-class work.

If you live close to your cycling studio, you could also wear these on the walk to and from. They probably will wear out sooner than if you only wore them on the bike, but it’s a good option if you don’t want to lug around an extra pair of sneakers.

Aside from all those great features, the shoes are cute and super comfortable. They are soft enough that your foot gets a good cushion, but the bottom is firm enough, as this is a necessary feature for a good pair of cycling shoes.

Cycling Shoes

Cyling Shoes

Cycling Shoes

If you’re attending cycling classes at least one time a week, I highly recommend getting a pair of Tiem shoes. Make sure to also purchase SPD clips. These types of clips are complaint wtih Equinox, SoulCycle, Flywheel and most other studios.  You can install them yourself (here’s a handy guide), or you can bring the shoes to any bike shop to help you out (I suggest you get a professional to do it).

Got any questions about cycling gear? Leave a comment below!

Cycling Shoes

My Fitness Instructor Journey: Get Uncomfortable

December 19, 2016

For me, becoming a fitness instructor has involved a lot of being uncomfortable, here’s how I got over it.

Instructor Journey

I’ve been teaching cycling classes for many years, I actually started my senior year of college, teaching at a local Ann Arbor gym. The hiring process was extremely simple, once certified my audition consisted of teaching the first 15 minutes of another instructor’s class and that was it, I was hired.

Group fitness has changed dramatically since that experience, especially as I moved from small town studios to New York City, and then to San Francisco. Fortunately, I was able to start my cycling instructing career small scale and build up my skills and confidence before moving to a more competitive location. As a cycling instructor I feel really good about where I’m at. But today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my more recent experiences as I went after new teaching opportunities.

After teaching cycling for nearly 10 years, I decided it was finally time to diversify. As a fitness instructor, I’d never tell someone to just cycle, instead it should be a part of a varied routine. I wanted to practice what I preached and also lead other types of group fitness classes. I was already an instructor at Equinox and wanted to teach more classes there, in particular Metcon3, one of my favorite classes (45 minute HIIT). I find the class challenging, but with a pretty simple structure, a class I love taking and wanted to teach as well.

The certification process included 4 learning sessions at Equinox, teaching practice, and then an audition. During the first group session we reviewed the format, practiced the class and learned warm ups, cool downs and general class logistics.

Then week 2 came and that’s where the challenge came in. That week we were each required to go in front of the room and teach to the other trainees, all while a bunch of managers sat on the sidelines reviewing us. This was surprisingly terrifying to me. I’ve been leading cycling classes forever, but the thought of teaching a new format in a main studio to a bunch of experienced instructors scared me more than I expected. Before my turn, I actually contemplated running out of the room and giving up on my plans to teach Metcon3.

Fortunately, my better senses took over and I stayed in the room and taught. I told myself that if I made a mistake, it was no big deal and it was just one room of people, maybe I’d be terrible, but really how embarrassing could it be? My teach-back time went fine. Was I amazing? Probably not, but I made it through. Getting over that first hurdle was a big deal for me. Each week for the remaining program we had to get up numerous times and teach, and each time it got a little bit easier.

Next up, it was time for our auditions. Again, I was so nervous. When it was my turn I gave it all I had for three minutes (the auditions are really short and you have to go all out to make an impact). As I finished up, I knew I did the best I could and was proud of myself, pretty hopeful that I’d pass.

A couple of days went by and I got the news that I didn’t get it. I was upset, and also confused about how I didn’t pass because I really thought I nailed it. The silly thing is, my feedback was strong, but the managers making the decision said my form was lacking while I was taking everyone else’s audition, whoops! Rookie mistake, they are ALWAYS watching you and even if it’s not your turn in the front, you better be doing your best. Pretty frustrated at this point, I had two choices, give up and stick with cycling, or try again. I was annoyed and upset that I’d have to go through the stress of auditioning again, but I knew I’d do it.

I had to wait over a month to audition again, but when the time came, I once again gave it all I had and paid extra attention to my form. Coming away, I actually thought I did worse in this audition and wasn’t sure I made the cut. Fortunately, even though I was doubting myself, I passed! I officially had the go-ahead to teach Metcon3.

And then you know what happened? I didn’t teach it. There were a lot of opportunities to sub classes and I let them all pass me by. And it was because I was scared. I was worried I wasn’t good enough, I’d stumble over the warm up and people wouldn’t like my class. The cycling room felt safe to me, so I just stuck with that.

I let so much time pass, that by the time we left NYC at the end of May, I still had never taught the damn class (it had been about 4 months since I passed the audition). I spent all that time training, practicing and auditioning, yet I couldn’t get my act together to take the leap and just teach it. When we arrived in SF I met with the Equinox team out here and they welcomed me with open arms, offering me the opportunity to teach cycling and many of the conditioning class formats. Part of me still doubted myself and my abilities in the main studio, but when they asked me if I wanted to teach Stacked (a class similar to Metcon3), I couldn’t say no and knew it was time to get out and get that first scary class over with.

So you know what? I just got out there and taught it! After months of self doubt and being too afraid, I told myself to go out there, do my best and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you mess up in front of 30 people, and likely they won’t even notice. And if they do, instructors mess up all the time.


All smiles after a full Stacked class that wasn’t a total mess.

My first class felt way better than I expected. Was it the best Stacked class anyone has ever taken? I doubt it. But I also think it probably wasn’t the worst. That’s the thing we have to remind ourselves, it’s all about progress, not perfection. We can hold ourselves back from doing things because we don’t feel ready or we feel like we’re not going to be the best. If only the best person did something, only one person would be doing it! And that’s why we all need to cut ourselves a little slack, do things that make us uncomfortable, and trust that with effort and practice, we’ll continue to get stronger and better.

fitness journey

I’ve had a lot of students and friends express interest in teaching but they don’t think they’re good enough. In most cases, I’m sure they are wrong. Becoming an instructor is a process and we all need to start somewhere. Sure, it’s not going to be for everyone, but how would you know unless you try?

This relates to more than just becoming a fitness instructor. Is there something you think you’ll fail at, so you don’t even try? What’s holding you back? No one starts as an expert. If there’s something in life you want to do but you’re afraid you’ll fail, I hope that you take the leap and give it a go. Stepping out of our comfort zone is the only way to truly find out what we’re capable of.

To help step past the fear, break it down. What are you scared of? And what’s the worst case scenario if you fail? It’s really probably not that bad.

As we make our resolutions and goals for the year ahead, I hope this message resonates with some of you and you take on goals that maybe you were too scared to attempt in the past.

Have you had similar experiences with either becoming a fitness instructor or with other parts of your life? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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