Thoughts on Resolutions + Heading to Carmel

December 2, 2016

How do we get ourselves to stop putting things off, particularly when New Years Resolutions are so close, yet so far.

Carmel CA

photo via

Well this has been quite a week! I’m still fighting to get into a routine in SF, especially after the wedding. You know when you are ready to get your life in order but you have things on the horizon so you put it off, promising you’ll take care of it after [fill in the blank] happens? That’s me right now, or more accurately for the last 6 months. First it was okay, after we move I’ll deal with these things, then after the wedding, then it was after Thanksgiving, now it’s after our honeymoon (end of this month!) so at this point, it’s looking like 2017 is when I’ll be ready to get things in order.

Unacceptable, I know.

We can always think of something in the future that will get in the way of us buckling down and being our best selves. Even with roadblocks, let’s try not to wait so long to be who we want to be. With New Years coming up, lots of us wait until January 1 to make goals and putting in the effort and hard work. I’m 100% guilty of this. I love New Years resolutions, probably making December my least productive month (I’m not alone in this, right?). With a full month to go in 2016, I’m going to do my best to make the most of December. But don’t worry, I’ll still think up a few resolutions 🙂

At the same time, I’ll try to cut myself some slack. I do have a few things in the works and am teaching a bunch, but I would love to focus in on my larger goals and get to work. With all that being said, I’m going to use this weekend away to refresh my intensions.

What better place to do some reflecting and soul searching than by the water? This afternoon we’re headed two hours south to Carmel-by-the-Sea. As recent West Coast transplants, Carmel is one of the top places that people have been telling us to check out. I’m looking forward to exploring the town, enjoying the views and taking it all in. I recently wrote about Carmel in a story I put together for 6 romantic mini-moon destinations and how to plan the getaway and now I’m excited to get down there and experience it first hand.

So tell me, are you a resolutions person, or are you a make goals and get things done anytime person? It’s time to think about this one, December 31st will be here before you know it.

5 Tips for a Healthy Week Ahead

November 27, 2016

A healthy week ahead is possible! If you’ve got that fallen-off-the-wagon feeling from the weekend, don’t worry–you can still have a healthy Monday, here’s how.

healthy week

Even for the healthiest of us, weekends can really take their toll on healthy habits. Pair that with the holiday season, and those three little days–Friday, Saturday and Sunday–can leave you feeling totally not like yourself by Monday morning. Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, but by the time Monday rolls around, it can be an extra challenge to get back on track. But that’s why I love Mondays, it’s the perfect opportunity to press the reset button and start fresh.

If you’re looking to make big health and weight changes, it’s important to treat the weekend like you would a weekday, sticking to your essential healthy habits. However, if you’re looking to maintain you current healthy balanced life and you want to live a little, you shouldn’t feel bad about indulging on the weekends. Especially during the holiday season, when you’re celebrating with friends and family, it’s okay to eat that rich piece of pie or drink that extra glass of wine.

When Monday does hit, how can you set up yourself up for a healthy week? Here are simple tips to ensure you’ll have a fresh and healthy week.

5 Tips for a Healthy Week

Healthy Week Tip 1: Forget About the Weekend

First things first. Forget whatever happened over the weekend. If you skipped your workouts and ate whatever you want, who cares, it’s in the past. Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh and now’s your chance. Don’t let your past decisions dictate how you’re going to act moving forward.

A sunday well spent brings a week of content

Healthy Week Tip 2: Use Sunday Wisely

Sunday is your chance to set yourself up for success. Think about your plans for the week ahead and what meals you plan to cook and when you’ll eat out, then grocery shop and meal plan accordingly. Also think about the days you’ll workout and what workout you’ll do and put this in your calendar. Even though Sundays are precious, try not to do too much so you can start your week feeling rested and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Healthy Week Tip 3: Get your Z’s

Sunday night, head to bed a little earlier than normal. Getting the right amount of sleep (7-8 hours ideally) on Sunday will set the tone for the rest of your week.

Healthy Week Tip 4: Start Monday Your Healthiest

A simple way to start Monday extra healthy is with a warm glass of water with fresh lemon juice. Warm lemon water in the morning helps flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. Refill your water bottle throughout the day to ensure your hydration is on point. Poor hydration can fool you into thinking you’re hungry when you’re not, can affect your workouts and is something so easy to avoid, so drink up.

lemon water

Healthy Week Tip 5: Never Miss A Monday Workout

Even if your Monday is packed, somehow fit in your workout. For my morning people, get up and get that pre-sunrise sweat session in, no excuses. If you can’t fit a whole workout in, anything is better than nothing. Do something to get your body moving, whether it’s a quickie HIIT routine (I love this one from Popsugar) in your PJs before you head to work or a stroll around the neighborhood during your lunch break.


Find a route, go running, be great today.

I know I’m giving you this advice on a Monday, and if you’re reading this and already feeling defeated because the week has started, it’s still just Monday and it’s not too late to make this a great week. Bookmark these tips and remind yourself of them every Sunday.

Weekly Class Schedule

As you’re scheduling your workouts for the week, why not join me for one? Here’s where you can find me teaching for the week of 11/28:

Cheers to a purposeful and healthy week!

My 2016 Holiday Wellness Gift List

November 22, 2016

The holidays are right around the corner and we’re starting to get bombarded with gift guides. This year I’m not expecting any gifts, after all the last few months have been pretty big with the wedding and coming up next, the honeymoon. Even so, of course I’ve got some wish list items. And I mean if anyone wanted to buy them for me, I wouldn’t say no 🙂

Hopefully this wellness gift list can give you some inspiration for your own wish list or for your lucky giftees.

2016 Holiday Wellness Gift List

Wellness Gift List

allbirds Wool Runners in Natural Grey, $95: Everyone raves about these shoes as the most comfortable and stylish around. I do a ton of walking in SF and am always on the hunt for sneakers that hit that casual, sporty, cute vibe.

Lululemon Run All Day Backpack, $118: With a teaching schedule taking me all over SF, I’m always on the go. For further studios, I typically take Lyft, but would love to run instead (saves money, burns calories, avoids traffic!). I always have a few too many things to make running possible, but with a lightweight and secure running backpack, it might be possible.

Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet, $99.99: I played tennis as a kid and have been wanting to start playing again. In NYC, courts were crazy expensive to reserve, but in SF we’ve got free courts right around the corner. Wish-listing a pair because my competition MM will also need a racquet.

Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon Race Entry, $175: After our trip to Napa last weekend, I immediately starting researching occasions to get back up there. I’d love to do a race through wine country, I can’t think of a better backdrop for 13.1 miles. Destination Race’s Napa to Sonoma is at the top of my race wish-list (image via).

Rose Gold Series 2 Apple Watch, $369: I wasn’t ready to get an Apple watch when they first came out, but now I’m getting the itch. The series 2 has a built-in GPS and is waterproof and I think I’m just about ready to upgrade from my Fitbit.

Vitamix Heritage Blender, $599: To make all my smoothie and soup making dreams come true, a Vitamix is the blender to lust after. It’s one of the few remaining items on our wedding registry and I may just have to gift this one to myself.

What’s the at the top of your wish list this season?

{11/21} Class Schedule + Happy Thanksgiving Week

November 21, 2016


Can you believe Thanksgiving is already here? It’s my favorite holiday and this year it feels a little different. For the first time ever, sadly I’m not celebrating with my family. With so much recent east coast travel, it seemed like too much to fly across the country for the weekend. I guess that’s all part of moving to the west coast.

But it’s okay! MM, Ollie and I will be road tripping down to LA for the long weekend to celebrate with friends and catch up with some of our west coast relatives. How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year?  Oh and for our meal, I’m in charge of desserts. Got a holiday favorite? Lemmie know in the comments.

Weekly Class Schedule

It’s a short week, but we can still fit our workouts in! I have an abbreviated schedule, so make sure you come see me in a studio before you head out for your Thanksgiving travels

Have a great [short] week my friends!


Mini-Moon #1: Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

November 17, 2016

A recap of our one night mini-moon at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant.

Photo via

Getting married is a big deal, and after the celebration is over, how do you cope? With a couple of mini-moons of course. Yes, that is plural, mini-moonS, because one just isn’t enough. Our big honeymoon isn’t until late December so we needed something in the interim.

On our wedding night we stayed where all of our guests stayed, at the Airlie in Warrenton, VA. We loved this place and I’ll tell you more about it later, but it’s one downfall is that it doesn’t have any suites. Newlyweds deserve a honeymoon suite, right? So Sunday after our post-bridal brunch and all our guests had departed (tears), MM and I packed up and headed to Goodstone Inn & Restaurant, in Middleburg, VA (about an hour from DC).


The scene driving to the inn was nothing short of perfection thanks to ideal autumn timing (a win for November weddings). The inn, set on 265 acres of rolling hills and countryside, can best be described as elegantly charming. Our room was adorably located up a narrow stairwell, right above the lobby bar. It felt funny to take a side door right next to the bar to find our room, but I loved how homey the comfortable the whole place felt.

We headed up to our suite, the Hayloft Deluxe Room with glasses of wine in hand. I loved every part of this room, but the standout feature was the private roof deck. The roof deck was HUGE, so big it’s probably the size of our San Francisco apartment. It was the perfect spot to watch the sunset as we sipped our wine, continued to recap our wedding and read cards from our guests.



We then took a quick tour of the property, checking out the pool area and the expansive land that the Goodstone Inn sits on. The land houses the farm of the farm-to-table restaurant that we’d be dining at that evening. The restaurant at Goodstone was incredible. Favorites were the local oysters, truffled crab cakes and lamb chops.

Goodstone Inn Mini Moon

How much champagne & dessert is too much? Post-wedding, it’s never too much.

After your wedding, if you want a place to truly get away from it all and enjoy peace and quiet, Goodstone Inn is the place. It was so calming and cozy. My one regret about our stay was how short it was. If we had been there for longer I would have loved to walk around the gardens and farm and visit the rescue pig Oliver (likely would be great friends with our rescue pup Ollie).

After just one night, the next morning we had to catch an early flight back to California. Unfortunately we left so early that we missed the homestead country breakfast. Thankfully, Goodstone packed us a little basket to take on our drive (those donuts, yum).

We also got a quick glimpse of the sunrise from our terrace, pretty dreamy:


Thank you Goodstone Inn and Restaurant for giving us the perfect mini-moon before we were forced to get back to the real world!

New Balance San Francisco: Running with the Pros

November 16, 2016

Welcoming New Balance San Francisco to the neighborhood with a morning run.


You guys should know by now that my love for the Olympics knows no bounds. So when New Balance invited me to join two Olympic athletes for a run in SF to celebrate the opening of the New Balance San Francisco Global Flagship Store, obviously I was in. Also I’m working towards those 100 miles (still got a ways to go people!) so why not jog a few with Olympians? No big deal.


We met up with the crew at 9am, including Jenny Simpson 3-time Olympian and bronze medalist in the 1500m run in Rio, and Emma Coburnn, steeplechase Olympic athlete. We did a quick 3.2 miles, starting at the new store on Market Street, out to the Embarcadero, then swung back up 3rd street and back to the store where our Olympic leaders ran through tape as the official “ribbon cutting” of the new store.

New Balance San Francisco

jenny simpson

This was the real opening of the store, but the night prior I got a sneak peak of the space at a pre-launch party. The multi-level store is gorgeous and makes me want to spend all my money on workout gear (what else is new).

After our morning jog I took a quick look at the women’s gear. I already have my eye on the NB Heat Hybrid Vest, it looks perfect for the cool weather we’ve got year round in SF. I’m also considering switching my running shoe to the Fresh Foam Zante or the Vazee (does anyone wear these, and if so, what are your thoughts?)

At the pre-launch party we were gifted the Novelty Heat Jacket which I’m obsessed with. I wear light jackets every day here and I’ll likely be living in this one. We also got a pair of limited edition iconic 574 lifestyle sneakers. Named “The Fog Rolling In” the gray and orange tones reference the fog and the Golden Gate Bridge and the light blue and reflective elements represent the glimpses of sky as the fog clears. LOVE.

new balance san francisco

new balance san francisco

new balance san francisco

As I’m getting back into running in SF, I’m excited that New Balance in partnership with Strava is launching a run club. You can find out more by downloading Strava and searching for New Balance Run Club San Francisco.

Thank you New Balance for taking my morning run up a notch. Make sure to check out the store located at 856 Market Street for the cute gear and running inspo!

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