April Cycling Playlist

If you came to class this week, this is the playlist you rode to. If you couldn’t make it, try the ride on your own!

The first song is your warm up, immediately followed by a 3-song, 11-minute climb. After the hill you’ve got 4 speed songs. Split them by doing 3 sprints in each song. For class we did 40 second sprints for the first speed song, then 30 second sprints for the next and 20 seconds for the third speed song. The last speed song (Shake it Out) was made up of a 20 second sprint, a 30 second sprint and a 40 second sprint. Once you’re done with the speed work, the next 3 songs make up your second 11-minute climb. Born to Run is your cool down and stretch song.

Total ride time: 45 minutes

Enjoy the ride!

Healthy Delivery: What To Order In Tonight

When you have the time and patience to buy fresh ingredients and cook up a healthy meal, definitely do it. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Whether you’re short on time, didn’t plan, you’re feeling lazy or you’re just straight up craving something not home-made, here’s a cheat sheet of your best bet for healthy(ish) delivery:

Sushi: It may seem like a light and harmless meal but beware, sushi rolls have a crazy wide range of calories (think between 150-600+). To cut calories and still enjoy, start with a green salad and as your main get a sashimi appetizer and a naruto roll (rolls wrapped in cucumber, no rice).


Diner: Diners typically have a bunch of delicious salads but the calories can still add up. Always get dressing on the side and instead of a heavy dressing, go for red wine vinegar and a splash of olive oil. Ask for no cheese and replace it with something nutritious (I do avocado). If you aren’t in a salad mood and want a burger, try to skip the bun (or at least half of it) and instead of fries get steamed veggies. Pick your battles, if you really want the side of fries, skip the bun or vice versa.

Thai: Coconut-based dishes tend to pack on the calories as do noodle dishes. Instead, start with a chicken satay, broth-based soup or steamed veggie dumplings and for your main, avoid coconut curry dishes, and instead get broth-based curries or a grilled fish or chicken main. If you’re getting tofu, ask for it steamed, often it comes fried if you don’t specify.

Chinese: Many Chinese menus feature a “diet” section which comes with steamed vegetables, brown rice, a protein and sauce. This is the perfect meal, just make sure the sauce comes on the side and use it sparingly (dip your veggies in it, don’t pour the sauce on top), and portion out the rice, don’t eat a full carton. If you’re getting dumplings or other apps, make sure it’s steamed (just like for Thai food).

Mexican: Who doesn’t love a huge burrito and chips? Well if you’re trying to be healthy, sadly I say skip it. Go for a Mexican salad, hold the cheese and try to avoid eating the giant fried shell it comes in (it’s hard to avoid, I know!). Instead of using dressing on your salad get guacamole and mix it around.

What’s your go-to healthy delivery meal?

Spring into Summer Shopping : Nautical + Denim

I’ve mentioned that recently I have not been in the mood to shop unless it was for workout clothing (which I have WAY too much of while simultaneously always wanting more) but this weekend I was finally in the mood to buy real clothing! While in Sharon, MA for the weekend I learned that there are outlets 15 minutes away. It feels like a betrayal that I have been visiting MM’s hometown of Sharon for 3 years and no one has mentioned these outlets. WHY?! Anyways, now the secret is out and the J.Crew outlet did not disappoint.

These are the pieces I snagged for spring/summer:


I didn’t realize the denim + nautical theme until just now, but apparently that will be my uniform this summer. I’m ok with it.

The online sale isn’t quite as amazing as in-store but if you can’t get to an outlet, head to the site and check out these pieces: rope sweatshirt / denim shorts / petal necklace / giraffe charm necklace / leather envelope clutch / two-pocket denim shirt / printed chino short

Spring Friday Happiness!

The weekend is almost here and it looks like us East Coasters are in for a springy weekend with temperatures in the 60s. I’ll be visiting Boston and am excited to go for a lake run and see friends.

What are your fit plans this weekend? Make sure to get outside and enjoy!

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