Keeping it Local: June Adventures + Popsugar Must Have Faves

July 9, 2017

A peek at June local exploration & the June Popsugar Must Have box.

June Favorites

Since our move to the west coast, we often get out of town, making sure we cross as many items off our west coast to-do list as we can. In June though, with the exception of an east coast wedding trip, we kept it pretty local. San Francisco has a lot to offer so instead of escaping each weekend, we instead explore our city. Thankfully, June gloom wasn’t as bad as I expected, and we were treated to lots of good weather.

Sometimes those weekends where you stay put are needed. They balance out busy weeks and allow you the opportunity to check out hidden spots in your own city. Plus, the down time will help you start each week feeling refreshed.

Here are some June Favorites:

Exploring on Two Wheels: I’ve been looking forward to biking around this city, and finally, in June we made it happen. MM and I got outfitted with Specialized bikes and took our new wheels over the Golden Gate Bridge and out to Tiburon. We lunched at Sam’s Anchor Cafe and then hopped on the ferry to SF, making our trip back an easy one. I definitely want to do this ride again and spend more time checking out Tiburon.

Urban Hiking: With a city full of huge hills and parks along the way, you don’t even have to leave the city limits to get some vertical exercise. We hiked up Twin Peaks for gorgeous views of the city. It was also fun to see the super fancy houses along the way (we hopped into an open house and saw a very quaint two bedroom for a cool million. But those views y’all.)

June favorites

Hanging Poolside: We’re lucky that our apartment building has a pool and a hot tub, but we’re unlucky because it’s rarely hot enough to want to go swimming. I never expected to have more use for a pool in NYC than in California, but in NorCal, it’s definitely the case. We did get some warm days though, which allowed for poolside reading and relaxation.

Popsugar Must Have Box Spotlight

And speaking of relaxation, I received the June Popsugar Must Have Box with a new book, perfect for weekend reading. I’ve been so bad about reading recently (I’ll admit, too much TV time these days), so I was excited to get something new to get me back on the reading routine. The summery themed box had some fun gear inside like Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray, Meri Meri Party Straws, NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil and the Aloha Beach Pouch. These boxes are always fun to get in the mail. Popsugar sent me the June box to review. If you’re interested in ordering a future box, use code SHOP5 for $5 off.

This super beachy vibed box is reminding me that I need to get working on a trip to Hawaii, one of the big “musts” for our time on the west coast. It’s only 5 hours away, how can we not go?

June was a good SF month, but let’s see where July takes us next!

Why It’s Okay to Fail at Your Resolutions

July 3, 2017

Six months into 2017 and it’s time to think about our 2017 resolutions, but more importantly, it’s time to look ahead. 


Can you believe we’re halfway through 2017? We hit July 1 over the weekend and that means it’s been six months since we all set those big New Years Resolutions. So…whatever happened to those resolutions? If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I love a good set of goals, especially when January 1 hits. But by July 1, it’s hard to remember what those resolutions were.

Standing six months into the year, with six months to go, now’s a great time to look back and see how you’re doing. Here’s the thing though, maybe you haven’t kept up with those resolutions, and that’s totally fine. A lot of things happen over the course of six months. Life, priorities, plans, and schedules all change, and your goals can–and should–change too.

While it’s great to set goals and strive to reach them, it’s also important to live in the now, look ahead, and allow your goals to change and grow. If your previous resolutions seem outdated, move on. Don’t keep working towards goals that no longer serve you.

Personally speaking, I barely remember my resolutions. I searched Shapin Up for a quick refresher (you can check out that list here). I’ve been doing a decent job, but I’ve also had a lot of changes that have impacted my focus. Some of my goals are still things I want to work on. But it’s okay to let new ones in and drop some of the old ones.

If you’re in a similar position and feel like priorities and goals have shifted, let those plans from January go. Instead of looking back, let’s all look ahead and focus on making the rest of 2017 even better.

Thinking About Change: The Direction of ShapinUp

June 21, 2017

Do you seek change or try to avoid it at all costs? Either way you approach it, change is constantly happening in our lives, and here’s why I want to talk about it.

ocean views

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blogging space of mine. Thinking a lot about the content, the meaning, and the focus. And when I say focus, I actually mean the lack of focus. I’ve been feeling a little lost in my message and what the point of this space is. It’s become a bit all over the place, like a diary of things I feel like writing about at any given moment. I’ve been wanting to find more focus, something that makes this blog and messages unique. I’ve been looking for that focus, not necessarily because I think blogs with a purpose have a stronger audience (though of course, that would be a nice bonus), but it’s because I want to feel inspired to write and share something unique with readers.

There are tons of health and wellness blogs and that’s a space I want to stay in as it’s what I’m truly passionate about. Health and wellness has become a very widespread and broad topic. It’s great that so many people are able to share their experiences and advice to allow healthy living to be relatable and attainable. Over the years, my blog has documented my race training, workouts, what I’m eating, studio reviews and other random musings and experiences.

Some blogs are very focused and some are all over the map; I enjoy both types. The blogs that stand out the most to me have a mission; a statement with something to say. The content is recognizable, consistent and engaging. I started to think about what my “thing” could be.

What could set my blog apart? What unique idea could bring me focus and inspiration? This was the hard part. A lot of things often change, so how can you focus on just one thing? My blog had a lot of content around life in NYC, now I don’t live there. I could focus on life in California, but that also is (likely) temporary (we’ll chat about that later). My blog name is ShapinUp and my last name isn’t even Shapin anymore! Ok actually, I haven’t gone through the steps to change it yet, but I promise I will get around to it soon. The more I thought about potential topics and focuses, everything just seemed to bring me back to CHANGE.

That sparked some thought. Hm, change. You know the saying, “the only constant is change”? It’s very true. We all go through lots of changes in life. Some changes we seek out (like getting married, moving across the country) and some changes are forced upon us (getting laid off, getting injured, etc) and we have to cope and deal with it. The changes we seek and the changes we don’t necessarily want to happen, we deal with them, and that’s something I want to explore–primarily from a health and wellness viewpoint. How do we welcome change, growth, and evolution in our lives in a positive way for us and those around us?

I think that change is such an important part of life. It helps us to learn about ourselves and others; experiences of change helps us to grow and become well-rounded people. This has been top of mind for me in the past year since moving across the country. It’s a change I wanted, but nonetheless, it has its challenges. Part of me wonders why anyone would want to move 3,000 miles away from the majority of their friends, family and a known way of life. The other part of me asks, how could you not take the opportunity to experience something totally new and challenging?

Am I an expert in change and how to deal with it? Certainly not. But something I’ve learned from fellow bloggers is that you don’t have to be an expert or be perfect to share your experiences. We’re all learning and growing and it’s not about perfection or being the most knowledgeable. It’s about sharing your experiences and your path with readers as we all figure it out together.

Moving forward, is ShapinUp totally changing? Nope! I’ll still bring you posts about my life, recipes I love, workouts I enjoyed, travel and all that good stuff. But I’m going to shift some focus to talk about changes–big and small–and how we deal with them and learn from them, a healthy and balanced way.

If you’ve been thinking content around these parts has been light, you’re absolutely right. I’m excited about taking ShapinUp in a new direction. I’m feeling a spark of inspiration and  I hope that you’ll take this journey with me.

Carmel Valley Travel Diary (+ Surrounding Exploration)

May 17, 2017

Travel recap of a 36-hour adventure to beautiful Carmel Valley with stops along the way.

MM and I were looking for a mini getaway to celebrate a whole host of things: my birthday (May 1), his birthday (May 7) and our 6-month wedding anniversary (May 5). Initially, we were planning to go to Tahoe to sneak in some Spring skiing before the slopes close, but opted for an easier and more relaxing visit to Carmel Valley, just 2 hours south of San Francisco. One of the main reasons I leaned towards Carmel? Drive another 30ish minutes further south and you hit Bixby Bridge on the way to beautiful Big Sur (anyone else a Big Little Lies fan?).

We booked our trip super last minute, snagging our hotel room just two days before the trip. I referred to Andi’s recent Carmel recap to guide our plan. Like Andi, we stayed at Blue Sky Lodge, which isn’t the nicest hotel in the world, but it gets the job done. It’s dog-friendly. quiet, quaint, and right downtown so you can walk to the tasting rooms and restaurants. Our room was $200 for the night which was one of the least expensive rates in the area, especially when booking only two days in advance.

Our trip was just one night, but we got to experience a lot of the Valley and surrounding areas. We’d previously visited Carmel-by-the-Sea, which at the time seemed like a quaint town. Compared to Carmel Valley though, you could call Carmel-by-the-Sea a bustling city. Carmel-by-the-Sea is on the water and Carmel Valley is a one-street little town about 20 minutes inland. While you could spend a full weekend in cute Carmel Valley, keep in mind how small it is. We spent an afternoon there and felt pretty content with what we covered. To explore more widely, we spent time across Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley and Big Sur.

Here’s a rundown of what we ate, drank and saw in & around Carmel Valley.


LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle: We stopped at this hole-in-the-wall style joint in Monterey on our way to Carmel. It’s super small but very popular. We sat outside with Ollie and feasted on fresh fish and chips.

Cafe Rustica: Even though Carmel Valley is a teeny tiny town, there are so many great restaurants, it was hard to pick! Cafe Rustica was rated one of the top restaurants in the area and it didn’t disappoint. The heated patio made for a nice night.

Carmel Belle: We needed a quick grab-and-go breakfast since we didn’t want to waste any time as we headed south for Bixby Bridge, plus we had Ollie in tow. We stopped at Carmel Belle because it’s dog-friendly, quick and delicious.


Carmel Valley is a street full of one tasting room after another. It’s extremely low key, and if you’re used to the scene of Napa, this will be a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, tastings are as low as $10, way cheaper than you’ll find in Napa or Sonoma. We did tastings at Parsonage, Boekenoogan and Testarossa. If you’re looking to wander through a small town tasting great wine (and who isn’t looking for that?), this a great place to do it.

Carmel Valley

Ollie checking the barrels at Testarossa. All good here!

If you visit Parsonage, say hi to Nemo the vino dog for us!


17-Mile Drive: This had been on our list from the last time we were in town and somehow we didn’t get to it. This time, it was a priority. A lot of reviews online say the drive is underwhelming and not worth the $10 entrance fee. I can’t fully disagree because it’s kind of silly you have to pay to drive on a street, but I’m still happy we did it, and would recommend it if you’re in the area. It’s a beautiful drive around Pebble Beach with dreamy ocean views and a look at the Lone Cyprus Tree.

Bixby Bridge: Yes, one of the reasons I wanted to head south was to drive over this iconic bridge. It’s just so beautiful!  I was obsessed with it before Big Little Lies, but that just increased my desire to get down there. I wasn’t the only one with the idea, there were a lot of people taking pictures of the scene. Even with a crowd, you’re still able to get great shots. Our weather was a bit gloomy, but that didn’t matter, it’s still such a sight.

Big Sur: After snapping 100 photos of the bridge, we continued south. Parts of Big Sur are currently closed so we went as far as we could, then turned around. I love windy cliffside views and this drive is full of them. It was honestly hard not to stop every few feet to get a new view of the waves. We passed a bunch of cabins and campgrounds and I’d love to head back down there for a weekend in the woods.

Carmel Valley


This part of California may be one of the most beautiful, and I feel lucky to have it a quick drive away. California friends or those making a west coast visit, make sure to add Carmel to your to-do list.

Healthy Moves on the Horizon & Fresh Week Vibes

May 15, 2017

I’ve been enjoying life, and hey, I’m not mad about it. But I’m ready to focus on those healthy moves I love so much.

Healthy Moves

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity and indulging. While I’m obviously sad the weekend is over, I’m ready to use today as a fresh start. My parents have been visiting, which means eating lots of delicious meals and exploring, without much care to the health factor of it all. If we’re being honest, I’ve sort of been doing this for the past few months…like six maybe?

When MM and I moved to SF, I was pretty restricted in my eating. It’s not that I wasn’t eating enough, trust me, I was, but I was extremely focused on what I was eating. It was mostly because of our upcoming wedding and my goal to look and feel my best by November 5. That kept me super on track, but also because I wasn’t working a full-time job, I was home to cook healthy meals (and also was working super hard to save money, because no full-time job=no regular paycheck).  On the weekends I wasn’t looking for the coolest new restaurant to try, we were cooking healthy meals at home, prepping for that wedding and saving big $$!

Then the wedding happened, and after I fell of the wagon. Hard. I’m not saying I’ve been super unhealthy, but I’ve definitely been letting myself experience San Francisco without holding myself back. I’ve been feeling guilt-free to try anything on the menu and yea, I’ll take a glass of wine with that. We went on our honeymoon, celebrated birthdays, entertained visitors and have been exploring the SF food scene as well as all the amazing surrounding areas.  And to simply mention workouts, I’ve been doing them, but my heart hasn’t been in them as much as I want. I could work harder and more focused and I haven’t been (this goes hand-in-hand with my eating habits).

Am I upset with myself for getting off track? Not at all. While I don’t feel my best, I know that how hard we work and how focused we are ebbs and flows. Sometimes you feel your best and all-in, other times healthy eating and working out fall by the wayside to make room for other things happening in life. I believe that these ebbs and flows are not only okay, they are necessary for a balanced life.

My exploration and enjoying life in SF isn’t going to stop, but I’m feeling ready to get back on some sort of track. By track, I definitely don’t mean the level I was at pre-wedding. Who knows if I’ll ever be back at that, or would want to be, but something in between where I was then, and where I am now. Here’s the thing, I have zero regrets about falling off the healthy wagon, but when I’m off my game, I don’t feel my best, and all the indulging has been catching up to the way I feel. It’s not about being skinnier (but not a side effect I’d ever be mad about), it’s about feeling healthy and feeling more like me.

So with a Monday upon us, I’m going to make my way back to a healthier track. My parents are still in town so there may be a delicious meal or two still in my future, but beyond that, let’s make some moves. And even if they seem like small moves, are still moves!

4 Healthy Moves I’m Making

  • Wake Up With Water: upping my hydration levels is a must
  • Schedule My Workouts (then stick to said schedule): aside from teaching, plan workouts for me
  • Practice 80/20 Eating: 80 percent on-point healthy, 20 percent saved for those indulging moments
  • Sleep More: Aim for those elusive 7-9 hours of sleep nightly

Simple enough, right? Maybe. If you’re like me and trying to make some healthy headway, I wish you a good, strong start to the week!

For The Guys: Rhone Workout Apparel X Equinox

May 3, 2017

Rhone & Equinox partner up to give you a gold-level fitness experience.

Rhone Workout Gear

Lately, I’ve (not-so-secretly) been trying to get MM to join me for more workouts. I’m training for a half marathon and could use the company, plus I know MM loves to run, he just needs to be reminded of it sometimes. My top ways to get him to run? First, I found a half marathon he couldn’t say no to, it’s in wine country and two of our friends were on board, he really had no choice. Next, I bribed him with some really slick new workout gear.

Success! We went for a run this weekend and he even suggested we run again last night (okay, confession, we didn’t actually go for that run, but even him suggesting was solid progress!).

Our weekend run did happen though, and it was a beautiful one. We ran along the Embarcadero for four miles, ending at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. After the run, we treated ourselves to iced coffee and endless samples of fresh fruit before a leisurely stroll home. SF people & visitors, if you haven’t been to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, make sure to get there on the next sunny Saturday.

For our run, MM was outfitted in Rhone workout apparel. The high-performance activewear just came out with new GoldFusion Technology that infuses gold particles into the clothing. You read that right, gold! Um hi, Rhone, when are you going to make women’s apparel? I’m ready 🙂

GoldFusion gear dries up to three times faster than other leaders in the space and the moisture transfer allows you to move faster and feel lighter and cooler than ever.

If you’re looking to motivate the men in your life to get moving, this gear will help do the trick.

Rhone X Equinox

And now, Rhone is partnering with one of my favorite brands, Equinox! Rhone recently launched pop-up retail concepts at 11 Equinox locations across the country, including a few of my favorite locations: the Bay Area, Bethesda and NYC (get the full list HERE).

To celebrate the pop-up, 4 Equinox locations and Rhone are welcoming members and non-members to a free Metcon3 class on May 11. Attendees will get exclusive discounted shopping and freebies from Equinox and Rhone.

Metcon3 is one of my favorite Equinox classes. It’s a 45-minute high-intensity interval training class where you do 10 moves, each move for one minute, all in row. Then you repeat three rounds through, plus some special bonus moves to finish out strong. It’s one of my favorite classes to teach and take, so whether you’re an Equinox regular or have never stepped inside an EQ, sign up! Bay Area people, the San Mateo Equinox is hosting this special class 5/11 at 7:45pm, sign up HERE. I can’t make it because I teach an Equinox class that night in SF, but would love to hear from you if you attend!

Thank you to Rhone for partnering on this post and getting MM run-ready.

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