Hello! I’m Amanda Shapin, the blogger behind Shapin Up. Originally from Maryland, I attended college at the University of Michigan and then immediately upon graduating, packed my bags for New York City. After enjoying the city for many years, it was time to go on a new adventure and my fiance Matt, our rescue pup Ollie and I moved to San Francisco, CA. I miss the Upper West Side, Central Park and all my NYC friends but California is looking pretty nice too. 

Shapin Up began as a fitness-focused blog but has expanded to much more. Shapin Up is about shaping up all parts of your life, from what you eat, to how you move, to your life experiences. Here you’ll find posts about my personal health journey, favorite workouts, delicious recipes, travel recaps, fitness style and gear recommendations, plus everyday tips to make your life well and balanced.

While admittedly obsessed with all things health and fitness, I have a weakness for sweets and the occasional basket of french fries (sweet potato, please!). Which brings me to my stance on a balanced lifestyle. I’ve tried strict diets, researched all the latest health crazes and workouts and know that finding a routine that is realistic to maintain and that fits your lifestyle is the key to success. I hope that by reading Shapin Up, you will be encouraged to find a healthy balance in your own life.

If you’d like personal guidance to find that balance, I am certified health coach and privately work with clients. Click here to learn more about my services.

Thank you for visiting Shapin Up! Please continue to check back often as we work towards our healthiest selves.


*Photo by Robert Stoetzel of Dog & Co.

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