Hola from Spain! + Why We Moved Abroad

January 30, 2018

Moving Abroad

Where did we last leave off? Ah yes, I told you that I was leaving San Francisco and heading to Spain. And that’s where I’m writing this from! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We packed up our lives in SF, visited friends and family on the east coast, and finally made our way to Europe. Now we’ve been in Barcelona for three weeks and I’m excited to share the journey with you.

I have a bunch of posts in the works as we adjust to life as expats. Plus, I’ll be throwing it back to share more of our experiences in California. While living in SF I had wanted to blog more, but time slipped away and I didn’t get around to regular posting. Now that I’m in Spain with a more open schedule, you can expect to see me around here regularly.

First, let’s chat about our big move.

Why We Left San Francisco

We decided to move to Spain for a work opportunity for MM. He’s in a rotational program that offers 8 months of work at an international office. It’s a great opportunity for work experience, as well as an awesome life experience. We both really enjoyed living in SF, and who knows, maybe we’ll return. Leaving SF wasn’t about not liking it, it was about jumping into another new and exciting experience. We both studied abroad (him in Israel, me in Australia), so while we’ve lived abroad, it’s a very different experience without the safety net and comfort of your program. And even though parts of living abroad are certainly daunting, it’s an experience we couldn’t pass up.

But What About My Job?

To give the quick background on my work, while in SF I was working at Fitbit and loved the role and company. I was in a contract role that fortunately continually got extended (thank you Fitbit!). If we weren’t offered the chance to move abroad, I absolutely would have tried to stay at Fitbit for as long as possible. While I know good jobs can be hard to come by (and I definitely don’t take my role at Fitbit for granted), certain life experiences only come around one time and you have to jump at the opportunity, so we did.

What’s Next

With our stint here being 8 months, I hope to make the most of my time in Spain, do some freelance work, and blog often along the way.

I’m excited to share insights into our lives as expats, advice and recommendations from our travels, as well as the struggles, challenges and triumphs of leading a healthy and well life among all of the changes and chaos.

I hope you’ll return to see what I have in store!


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  • Lorna Hagen

    Congrats and have fun! Go eat at Ciutat Comtal. Dee-lish huevos estrellados.

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