At Home Wellness: Teeth Whitening Kit Review

November 8, 2017

teeth whitening

I tend to get a little lazy about certain self-care and beauty practices. Go to the gym daily? No problem. Cook homemade meals? I got it under control. But when it comes to basic beauty and other wellness, it tends to be lower on my priority list and even the simplest habits get left behind. As I get older, I know I need to put more time, effort and focus into taking care of things beyond fitness.

Honestly, it’s a mystery to me why I don’t spend more time on my beauty and wellness routine. If I can get myself to wake up at 6 am to sweat for an hour at the gym, it should seem easy to get into a better routine with face lotion, hair care or massages. It’s a goal of mine to get better about all of this, even if it is little by little improving my habits.

Fortunately for lazies like me, there are so many at-home treatments available, you don’t have to book a facial or a professional teeth whitening appointment to look and feel good. A couple of months ago the folks at Smile Brilliant reached out and offered me a kit to try. Bright white teeth and no dental appointments required, I was in.

Before my wedding I toyed with the idea of getting my teeth professionally whitened but I never got around to it. I got my teeth pretty white with simple at-home solutions, but man I wish Smile Brilliant hit me up a year ago, I could have used it! Better late than never and I’m happy to be using the kit now.

Here’s a bit about the product and my experience:

Smile Brilliant sends you professional whitening gels, desensitizing gels, impression trays and the materials to make them yourself. This part freaked me out as some of my worst memories from the orthodontist were of getting impressions made. I also thought I’d for sure mess up the impressions (they give you a second set just in case), but I nailed it on the first try. It was easy, far simpler than I expected.

You send in your impression molds and Smile Brilliant sends you back your custom-fitted whitening trays. The trays are way more comfortable than other at-home trays or strips I’ve tried since they are molded exactly to your teeth.

It’s recommended to whiten for 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how sensitive your teeth are. Because I felt some sensitivity, I’ve been using the trays for about 45-60 minutes and do it every other evening to let my gums and teeth have a bit of a break. After each session, I use the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes.

The process might seem long, but the trays fit so well that you barely notice them. You can have a conversation and go about your normal activities while whitening. When trying drugstore whitening strips, this was certainly not the case (lisps & drooling while trying to talk, ick). None of that is a concern with Smile Brilliant.

My routine each night of whitening was to put the trays in right after dinner (kept me from unnecessary post-meal snacking!). I’d then take Ollie for his evening walk. I end up talking to a lot of neighbors during our walks so it’s extra key that the trays are comfortable and allow me to speak normally. After the walk, I’d take the trays off and use the desensitizing gel while getting ready for bed.

Teeth Whitening Results & Cost

Depending on your teeth and how long you keep the trays in for each session, the time to see results will vary. I could see the difference after about a week and I’m very happy with my results so far.

I’ve always thought that I had white teeth. This recent improvement has made me realize they weren’t quite as white as I thought. I’m still continuing with the system and look forward to even brighter, whiter teeth. I’m glad I didn’t spend the hundreds of dollars on professional whitening when this is a really good option.

The kits cost between $129-$159 depending on which set you select. Compared with professional whitening, this is an amazing deal.


teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Beauty Next Steps

As someone who wants to focus more on my beauty routine with pretty much minimal effort, this fits the bill. It makes me want to do other little at-home beauty routines. I have a drawer full of face masks, I think it’s time to tackle those next.

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Smile Brilliant gave me a free kit to try and all opinions are my own. Thank you for partnering on this post Smile Brilliant!

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