Adaptogens: What are they and do I need them?

November 3, 2017

Doing a little research into the latest wellness buzzword: adaptogens.


Of all the latest buzzy health words being thrown around, adaptogen is one I keep hearing. If you asked me if I think they are good for you, I’d confidently say yes! From all the context I hear them spoken in and all the bloggers that I see raving about them, my conclusion is they must be super healthy. And also that I must add them to my diet asap. But in reality, I have no clue what an adaptogen is. Maybe you’re more enlightened than me, but if not, let’s do a little research.

What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are a class of healing plants that are known to help balance, restore and protect the body. They are said to help fight stress and fatigue, improve the health of your adrenal system and enhance your ability to cope with anxiety and stress (more here). There are 16 proven adaptogenic herbs, including ashwaganda, ginseng, holy basil and rhodiola.

Unlike medicine that specifically target disease or injury, adaptogens support your adrenals and adapt their functions to what your body needs. Adaptogens help with overall wellness; that sounds pretty magical to me.

Amazing Grass Adaptogen Powders

If you’re looking for the health benefits of adaptogens, but feel a little lost, let me tell you about my experimentation with Amazing Grass Elixirs. All the benefits of various adaptogens sound great, but also super overwhelming, which is why Amazing Grass’s products are ideal for newbies.

You can select from three types: Beauty Elixir, Belly Elixir and Brain Elixir. Each one contains a blend of adaptogens to support beauty, cognition and gut health.

Each powder can be added to smoothies, chia pudding or just mixed well with water. I’ll give you an honest warning, the flavor is overpowering at first. It’s a flavor I can’t really put my finger on, but it’s strong and it alters what you put it in. Even so, you get used to the flavor and the benefits are worth it. I felt the most immediate impact from the Brain Elixir. I tend to get a bad case of afternoon brain fog, but when the Brian Elixir was part of my morning routine, I felt clear headed and focused.

Knowing that what I eat in the morning can impact my brain power for the rest of the day, you better believe that these adaptogens have become a part of my routine. It’s nice to know there’s a simple element I can bring into my busy mornings to positively impact the rest of my day.

If you haven’t gotten into the adaptogen trend, check out the products from Amazing Grass and see if they might be a fit for you.

If you’re ahead of me with the trend, how do you include adaptogens in your diet?


Thank you to Amazing Grass for partnering on this post. Amazing Grass provided me with product and compensated me for this post, but as always, thoughts are 100% my own.

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