Healthy Moves on the Horizon & Fresh Week Vibes

May 15, 2017

I’ve been enjoying life, and hey, I’m not mad about it. But I’m ready to focus on those healthy moves I love so much.

Healthy Moves

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity and indulging. While I’m obviously sad the weekend is over, I’m ready to use today as a fresh start. My parents have been visiting, which means eating lots of delicious meals and exploring, without much care to the health factor of it all. If we’re being honest, I’ve sort of been doing this for the past few months…like six maybe?

When MM and I moved to SF, I was pretty restricted in my eating. It’s not that I wasn’t eating enough, trust me, I was, but I was extremely focused on what I was eating. It was mostly because of our upcoming wedding and my goal to look and feel my best by November 5. That kept me super on track, but also because I wasn’t working a full-time job, I was home to cook healthy meals (and also was working super hard to save money, because no full-time job=no regular paycheck).  On the weekends I wasn’t looking for the coolest new restaurant to try, we were cooking healthy meals at home, prepping for that wedding and saving big $$!

Then the wedding happened, and after I fell of the wagon. Hard. I’m not saying I’ve been super unhealthy, but I’ve definitely been letting myself experience San Francisco without holding myself back. I’ve been feeling guilt-free to try anything on the menu and yea, I’ll take a glass of wine with that. We went on our honeymoon, celebrated birthdays, entertained visitors and have been exploring the SF food scene as well as all the amazing surrounding areas.  And to simply mention workouts, I’ve been doing them, but my heart hasn’t been in them as much as I want. I could work harder and more focused and I haven’t been (this goes hand-in-hand with my eating habits).

Am I upset with myself for getting off track? Not at all. While I don’t feel my best, I know that how hard we work and how focused we are ebbs and flows. Sometimes you feel your best and all-in, other times healthy eating and working out fall by the wayside to make room for other things happening in life. I believe that these ebbs and flows are not only okay, they are necessary for a balanced life.

My exploration and enjoying life in SF isn’t going to stop, but I’m feeling ready to get back on some sort of track. By track, I definitely don’t mean the level I was at pre-wedding. Who knows if I’ll ever be back at that, or would want to be, but something in between where I was then, and where I am now. Here’s the thing, I have zero regrets about falling off the healthy wagon, but when I’m off my game, I don’t feel my best, and all the indulging has been catching up to the way I feel. It’s not about being skinnier (but not a side effect I’d ever be mad about), it’s about feeling healthy and feeling more like me.

So with a Monday upon us, I’m going to make my way back to a healthier track. My parents are still in town so there may be a delicious meal or two still in my future, but beyond that, let’s make some moves. And even if they seem like small moves, are still moves!

4 Healthy Moves I’m Making

  • Wake Up With Water: upping my hydration levels is a must
  • Schedule My Workouts (then stick to said schedule): aside from teaching, plan workouts for me
  • Practice 80/20 Eating: 80 percent on-point healthy, 20 percent saved for those indulging moments
  • Sleep More: Aim for those elusive 7-9 hours of sleep nightly

Simple enough, right? Maybe. If you’re like me and trying to make some healthy headway, I wish you a good, strong start to the week!

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  • Hugely important for me to keep hydrated. I must go through a few gallons every day! I always wish I could sleep for longer, haha!

  • I’d love to say I’m on an 80/20 too but it’s more like 60/40 right now! I seriously need to get back on track. Enjoy your week.

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