31 Adventures of 31: My Year in Review

May 1, 2017

Looking back on 31 adventures from the past year as I celebrate my 32nd birthday!

Happy Monday! And, happy birthday, to me! That’s right, today’s my birthday. Kind of an anticlimactic one, because Monday birthdays are kind of the worst, right? Usually, I have a co-birthday celebration with my friend (hey Caryn!), but this year, with a country between us, not so much. For this birthday, it’s a low-key one. Teaching my regular classes, going to work and then will go celebrate at dinner with MM.

To celebrate turning 32, I thought I’d take a look back on my year and all the crazy and exciting things that happened. Here are 31 memorable adventures from my year of 31.

  1. After 9 years of living in NYC, packed up everything and say farewell to the city.
  2. And moved to San Francisco!
  3. Took 2.5 weeks driving across the country, fulfilling a big dream of mine.
  4. Visited 3 new states (Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota), getting me closer to my goal of visiting all 50.
  5. Visited 5 National Parks (Badlands, Bryce, Zion, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone).
  6. Moved into an apartment with a washer & dryer (literally changed my life) and a pool, ah Cali living.
  7. Invested in grown-up furniture (finally!) after selling almost everything from life in NYC.
  8. Planned a wedding from across the country.
  9. Felt honored to have all the best ladies in my life come together for my bridal shower.
  10. Went to Charleston with 13 of my best friends to celebrate my bachelorette party.
  11. Then got married!
  12. Mini-mooned in Napa.
  13. Went on our African safari honeymoon.
  14. Visited 2 new countries (Botswana and Zimbabwe).
  15. Spent 36 hours traveling to get home from Africa (longest journey ever).
  16. Ran 3 half marathons (Brooklyn, San Francisco and SeaWheeze).
  17. Celebrated friends’ engagements, weddings and babies.
  18. Explored Vancouver during the Lululemon half marathon weekend.
  19. Ran across the Golden Gate Bridge 2 times (still obsessed).
  20. Tried teaching fitness as my full-time job at three gyms in SF.
  21. Decided that wasn’t the right path and started a marketing job at Fitbit.
  22. Kept teaching at Equinox and paired that with my 9-5.
  23. Partied in Vegas & saw Britney Spears.
  24. Skied in Tahoe.
  25. Drank champagne on the top of a ski mountain.
  26. Vacayed in Cabo with my family.
  27. Became a certified personal trainer.
  28. Played tour guide in my new city to lots of visitors (thanks to those that have visited!).
  29. Hiked SF and scenic spots nearby.
  30. Explored the SF fitness scene, trying new workouts, new studios and meeting new friends along the way.
  31. Experienced California (Carmel, Napa, Sonoma, LA, Paso Robles to name a few).

31 adventures

31 Adventures

31 adventures

31 adventures

31 adventures

Ok, so that was kind of hard! Even though it was probably the most eventful year of my life, coming up with 31 memorable moments was a bit of a challenge. I’m not sure I’ll attempt that exercise again. But hey, who knows what the next year has in store. Here’s hoping for more adventures, visits to new places, exciting opportunities and even a few challenges that encourage me grow.

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