Presidio 10-Miler Recap & A Look at What’s Next

April 24, 2017

Some runs make you feel on top of the world, and thanks to some big hills and mileage taking us over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Presidio 10-miler had me feeling all the feels.

Presidio 10-miler

It’s been a hot second since I’ve run a race and I’m so glad this weekend I got to feel that rush of sprinting across the finish line again. A couple of weeks ago I decided to sign up for the Presidio 10-miler. Not because I was training or was ready for a 10-mile race, but because the opportunity presented itself and the course was one I couldn’t pass up. Despite not feeling 100% ready for the mileage, I’m so happy I signed up.

Presidio 10-Miler Race Recap

I’ve been doing a little bit of running around SF, typically a few miles to and from my apartment. This race got me out of my neighborhood to explore one of the most popular SF running routes. I ran into two coworkers at the start and ran with them the whole time, making the miles pass quickly and giving me extra motivation to keep pace. The race started at Crissy Field and almost immediately we headed up a giant hill, taking us around the Presidio and to the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe it’s because I’m an SF newbie, but does it get more incredible than running over that bridge? Not only do you get to take in the iconic structure, the surrounding ocean views and cliffs are incredible. I can’t get enough and hope to make this route a part of my regular(ish) running routine.

The bridge is long and fortunately took up most of the race. We ran over the bridge, then headed down a long flight of stairs that took us on a path underneath the bridge, bringing us to the other side to run back towards the city (the bridge wasn’t closed for the race, we ran on the walking and biking paths on each side). By the time we made our way back over the bridge it was already around mile 7, just 3 more to go.

We ran down a pretty big hill and next we’d head back towards Crissy Field. Still running with coworkers, on the big downhill, a runner fell in front of us, tumbling a bit and dislocating his shoulder (yikes). We took a brief pause in our run to stay with the runner and make sure help was on the way. About 10-15 minutes later, help arrived and we picked up our pace heading into those final 3 miles. We looped around Crissy Field and then some, and soon we were at the finish line.

Just the smiling face I want to see after finishing a long run.

I’m not really sure what my finish time was and I don’t particularly care. This race was more about getting back into that running rhythm and taking in the epic scenery. I think my pace ranged from high 9 minute miles to low 8-minute miles.

The race was pretty low key–in a good way. It was well organized (like 3 minute waits for the bathrooms, unheard of!) and had a hot breakfast and bloody marys at the finish. My only constructive criticism is to better staff the water stations. Water wasn’t poured and ready, which meant you were waiting at some stops. Not a big deal, but not the most professional race feel.

The Presidio 10-Miler is a great combo of a small race feel with a big crowd and a great course. In addition to the 10-miler, there are also 10k and 5k options. I highly recommend this race, sign up next year!

Presidio 10-miler

The start & finish line area on a perfect SF day.

Running Inspo & My Next Race

The most important takeaway from this race was my renewed inspiration to run. I feel very grateful that my body can handle 10 miles without much prep. But I’m ready to do more than just get through the miles.

I’m still disappointed in myself for skipping the upcoming Santa Rosa Half Ironman. Part of me still wants to do the race, but the more responsible part of me knows that I’m not prepared and for a race that big, you need to be prepared (more on my decision HERE).

That being said, I need to put that race behind me and look ahead. The next big race on my calendar is the San Fransico Half Marathon on July 23rd. I just signed up and with 13 weeks to go, now’s the time to start training!

And when do I ever get serious about racing? I’ll admit it, it’s pretty rare. There are a few races I’ve trained properly for, but to long-time blog readers, I probably sound like a broken record. I often talk about big training plans, then I write about how I failed to follow them, but oh well!  And hey, no promises it won’t happen again. BUT, I really truly want to train for this next race. I haven’t attempted a PR in really long time and I’m feeling ready to take it on. Yesterday’s race gave me the inspiration to focus on a goal. I’m going to dig deeper into my training plan and will share more with you next week.

Presidio 10-miler

Running beautiful routes and comfortable paces inspires me to keep running. What inspires you to sign up for that next race?


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