Lululemon X LoveYourBrain: How we Can Protect Our Brains

March 27, 2017

What’s more important that protecting and loving your brain? Read on about the nonprofit LoveYourBrain and their powerful message to help us all love our brains.


A couple of weeks ago I attended a truly amazing, inspiring and educational event hosted by my friends at lululemon. The lulu crew has partnered with LoveYourBrain, a yoga practice for people that have sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI). LoveYourBrain was founded by Kevin Pearce, a lululemon elite ambassador and his brother Adam. Kevin was a pro-snowboarder training with hopes of making it to the 2010 Olympics, but during a training session, sustained a TBI that ended his career. It was so traumatic that Kevin had to re-learn to walk and talk. You may know Kevin from the HBO Documentary Crash Reel.

From this experience, Kevin and Adam launched LoveYourBrain, a non-profit that works to improve the quality of life for people affected by TBI. The program builds community and helps people heal through the power of yoga. In addition, LoveYourBrain works to educate people on TBI and how to take care of your brain.

LoveYourBrain and lululemon have partnered on a #MindFullMarch tour, educating audiences on what LoveYourBrain has to offer and how we can help. I was lucky to attend the SF event and hear from Kevin and Adam and view their short film (which you can also watch HERE).

In one year, 2.5 million people will sustain a TBI in the United States. That is a staggering and scary statistic. I’m very happy to see that wearing helmets for many sports has become more mainstream. We’ve all (I hope) been wearing helmets while biking since we were kids, but it wasn’t until a few years back that it became the norm to wear a helmet skiing and snowboarding. When you head to the mountain now, it’s more uncommon to see someone not wearing a helmet. If you haven’t picked up on the trend of wearing a helmet, make that change today.

When we were skiing in Tahoe a couple of weeks back we saw a few people without helmets and I’m sure people have their excuses. Some I’ve heard: I don’t feel like buying one and I’m only going on the greens, not doing dangerous tricks, so it’s not necessary. Fortunately, helmets aren’t very expensive, or you can rent one for about $10 a day. And for those of you who think you aren’t going fast enough or on steep enough slopes to warrant a helmet, remember that your safety goes beyond you. If you’re totally in control but someone else on the slopes is out of control, it’s out of your hands and they might crash into you. Live on the safe side and please wear a helmet!

Now, back to LoveYourBrain. At the event, Kevin and his brother spoke about their non-profit and their experiences with TBI. Their goal is to raise $100,000 and then lululemon’s social impact program Here To Be will match total donations up to $125,000.

Click HERE to Donate Today to LoveYourBrain

So what will all that money go towards? LoveYourBrain hopes to expand their flagship yoga program to reach more members of the TBI community. With your donation, they will be able to bring the TBI community together and provide healing and connecting yoga practices to more people.

Any amount will make a difference. Donate just $21 and you’ll support one person with TBI to participate in a LoveYourBrain yoga class. Learn more about what donation amounts will provide via this link (scroll down).

Thank you for reading and remember to take care of and love your brain!

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