Exploring the LA Fitness Scene: 3 Studio Reviews

February 28, 2017

A look at three studios as I make my way through the LA fitness scene.

LA Fitness

When we found out we were moving to San Francisco, one thing that made us extra excited about the move out west was the proximity to LA. Not because we’re obsessed with LA (although, I’m starting to see the hype and may be falling a little more in love with it every time we visit), but because some of our best friends live in LA. While obviously closer than traveling from NYC, the drive to LA from SF isn’t so short; it takes us about 6 hours. Every time we do the drive (which has been quite a few times in the short 9 months we’ve lived on the west coast) we are reminded that the drive is kinda long and kinda boring. The flight is typically cheap and quick, but we like to bring Ollie with us and driving is easier.

Despite 6+ hours in the car, I’ll happily continue traveling south to LA to see my best friends. Promise I’m trying to make new friends in SF, but my college besties just so happen to live in LA. Visiting my LA friends also gives me the opportunity explore the LA fitness and wellness scene. Every block has a unique workout studio and a cute coffee or juice shop around the corner. Each time I visit LA I try to check out something new, combining my wellness time with catching up with old friends, or meeting new ones.

If you’re heading to SoCal, here are some recent LA Fitness Favorites

Speedplay LA

LA Ftiness

I visited Speedplay LA with Rachael of @sweatandrepeatla. The class was tough, but we still could sneak in some chat time between sets and during our stretch. Speedplay is a high-intensity interval training workout, using unique equipment (some was even new to me!) and is located in a ridiculously killer penthouse (Beverly Hills location). The fully-body 60-minute class is circuit style, with a treadmill section, a row section and a floor section (utilizing weights, bands, Bosu and/or TRX, depending on the workout). Each class is different and because you’re switching between stations often, you won’t get bored and you’ll stay motivated.

The most unique thing in this class (for me) was the Woodway Curve treadmills. They’re non-motorized and curve-shaped. Because they don’t have a motor, that means your legs and momentum are what keeps them going. By stepping closer to the top of the curve, you’ll speed up the treadmill; step closer to the middle and it will slow down. This definitely felt unsteady at first, like I was going to fly off the back, but you quickly find your rhythm and it’s not so scary (promise, no one flew off in my class!).

I really enjoyed the class and found the instruction clear and upbeat. Oh, and those views! On a clear day, the Beverly Hills penthouse offers views of the city and even snow-capped mountains way off in the distance, cool right? As our workout got progressively sweatier, Rachael and I went onto the terrace for a few of our floor blocks, I love that you have the option to get fresh air and sunshine, even in a group fitness setting.

I’d definitely check out another class at Speedplay LA, it was different, fun, and challenging. PS, your first class is only $15, check it out / speedplayla.com

Training Mate

LA Fitness

LA Fitness

Emily of @emcookharris recommended this workout so we met there for a high energy Sunday morning wake up. Even though it was a tad earlier than I would have preferred to start my day, it was worth it to take class with the studio owner Luke (highly recommend his class!). Training Mate originated in Australia and now in LA, is led by a fully Australian staff. Fun fact, I studied abroad and Australia and LOVED taking group fitness there because, hello, that accent! This class really took me back. Swoon.

Training Mate is a circuit style training class. It’s different each time–I’ll walk you through the format of our class (Sunday 9am). Our 60-minute class involved 10 stations. Each station had a different move and equipment, you’d do each station for 60 seconds, then move on to the next with about 3-5 seconds of transition time. The class was split into small groups that you’d travel through the stations with–my group was me, Emily and her husband Andy, a power trio if you ask me ;). You’d go through each 10-station circuit 3 times, then at the end, we did 10 minutes of abs as one group.

Moves/stations included rowing, biking up a hill, sprints, squats on a Bosu, bicep curls, pull ups, push ups, squat jump ups and a few more. Again, every class will feature different moves and also a different circuit style format.

What stands out most about this studio is the energy. Luke is kinda of nuts but hilarious and is extremely motivating. Everyone in the class was there to work and have a good time. Emily and Andy are both fitness instructors/trainers so clearly they could do a circuit style workout at their home gym, but they said they go to Training Mate for the energy and because it’s fun. I totally agree and if I was living in LA, I’d go back.

The studio space (West Hollywood location) is pretty big and also has an outdoor area if you want to do your abs or stretching in the fresh air. I thought the studio’s equipment was top notch with tons of variety, far more than typical group fitness studios.

Your first class is FREE at Training Mate, so get on over there and let me know what you think / trainingmatela.com

Y7 Yoga

Oh boy, I forgot how hard Y7 is. I had been a handful of times in NYC and this past weekend was my first visit to the LA studio (West Hollywood). My LA pal Jill is a regular there and together we checked out a Saturday 9am class. I was tired when I walked in but the heat and music helped to wake me up. I’ll admit, I really struggled through class, but I still enjoyed it.

The 60-minute yoga class is done in a heated room, about 80-90 degrees so not too terrible and is set to hip hop music. Most of the time the music isn’t too loud or aggressive, but for focused flows the volume was turned up. Of course each yoga class is different, but ours had some poses I’d never done before and it was a challenge (novice yogi over here). Y7 is definitely a bit of scene but I love the look of the studio space and the vibe.

If you’re in the mood for hot and challenging yoga, give Y7 a try. / y7-studio.com

LA Fitness Studios, What’s Next?

While I don’t have another trip to LA planned at the moment, I’m sure another one will pop up soon. So, what’s your favorite LA fitness spot? What should I try next?

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  • Devan Sinclair

    I lived in LA for 5 years before moving back up to SF. My absolute favorite fitness class was Cyclehouse WeHo with Nick Hounslow (he also used to be my personal trainer, so lots of love for him). Or if you’re in the mood to test out the LA Soulcycle scene, Alba in Santa Monica is amazing or Edward (I think he teaches in Bev Hills or WeHo). Although I haven’t been, some of my friends who still live in LA swear by the Prevail boxing gym too! I also love the Bikram hot yoga studio in Venice. Hopefully some of these are fitness spots you haven’t already heard about!

  • I loveeeeeee training mate and do my best to go every time I’m in LA. Speed play is on my to-do list the next time i visit

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