Pre-Honeymoon Health: 12 Days of Paleo

December 12, 2016

Why I’m going Paleo for the next 12 days for a lil pre-honeymoon health boost.

paleo chia pudding

Even as a huge fan of the Paleo lifestyle, I go through ups and downs and phases of intense Paleo-ing (can Paleo be a verb?) and falling off the wagon, hard. And that’s okay, I’m fine with the ups and downs and recognize that it’s part of life. We can’t be ON all the time, sometimes we just have to live our lives.

Leading up to my wedding I was ON. I took a few days here and there over the 4 months leading up where I strayed from eating whole foods, but 90 percent of the time I kept at Paleo. So what happened after the wedding? I let myself take a breather and eat whatever the heck I wanted. And it’s been great! I don’t own a scale and rarely weigh myself but I’m sure I put on a few pounds, and also I can tell looking at myself I’m not in tip top shape, and it’s all good. I don’t really care.

carrot cake

Filed under things that aren’t Paleo: wedding cake for breakfast *shrug*

paleo french fries

Alternatively, something also delicious but Paleo compliant the way I do things: oven baked fries.

But here’s the thing. When I don’t Paleo, I don’t feel great. I don’t think I have a gluten or dairy intolerance, but when I remove most grains/dairy/gluten/sugar/alcohol/etc from my diet, I feel a million times better. My stomach feels better (and bonus, also flatter), I feel more energized and focused, and my skin is clearer and brighter. So even though I don’t mind that I’ve let myself slide a bit, I miss feeling really good.

Pre-Honeymoon Health Goals

In 12 days MM and I head off on our honeymoon. Am I going to eat Paleo on our African safari? Hellz no. But I want to feel my best as we head into the trip, and that’s why for the next 12 days pre-honeymoon I’m getting down to business with Paleo. I feel pretty motivated to eat healthy because no one wants to feel sluggish when chasing elephants around Zimbabwe, right? Perhaps if I was going to a remote island and would be chilling in a bikini for 12 days I’d feel even more motivated, but pretty sure that won’t be happening where I’m headed.

Getting back to Paleo fortunately isn’t something I view negatively or dread. I love eating Paleo and know that when you plan, prep, and research recipes, the food is amazing and leaves you feeling great. No complaints from me.

If you want to follow along with my 12 days of Paleo, I’ll post what I eat on my Insta stories (follow me @ShapinUp). I’ll also be on top of my workouts with a mix of OTF, cycling and pilates and will share that on Insta as well.

Do you have any healthy plans for the end of the year, or are you giving yourself a breather until we kick of 2017? Whatever you plan, I hope you do what makes you feel your best and you enjoy the rest of the year!

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