Everyday Guilt-Free Snacking: That’s it Bars

November 17, 2015


I’m a snacker…in an all day, everyday sort of way.  Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for healthy, satisfying and light snacks. When That’s it reached out about their 100 calorie bars, you know I was in.

The folks at That’s it. sent me a variety pack of all their delicious flavors. Each bar is just 2 types of fruit, that’s it (get it?). There is no added sugar, filler ingredients, preservatives, nada! That’s pretty impressive for a packaged snack. There are other all-natural bars on the market but I like these for when I need a small pick me up but don’t want to commit to a 200+ calorie bar (usually the higher cal ones include nuts and dates). Even if I’m eating out of boredom and not hunger, I don’t feel bad about eating one of these.

If you’re a fan of dried fruit, you’ll be a fan of these. I LOVE dried fruit, one of my favorite snacks is plain dried mango but i have a habit of eating way too much, which is why these are a great replacement–perfectly portioned so i can’t go overboard.

I’ve taken these bars hiking, on flights, and have a few stashed in my desk at work. I’ve loved every flavor but my favorites are pineapple+apple and cherry+apple.


If you want to give these bars a try (which you should!) you can find them at Starbucks and Whole Foods (among other places) or go HERE to order a sample pack of all 9 flavors, which I highly recommend. 

Thanks That’s it for the complimentary snacks! All opinions are my own and I love me some That’s it bars. Keep em coming!

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