October 3, 2014

Friday Five Coming Atcha

1. Whole30 is done and I’m ready to try some new recipes (while still sticking to the healthy stuff). This Sweet Potato Crust posted on Popsugar has been on my list and I’m ready to give it a try with a few substitutions (like no cheese and making it more of a flatbread, we’ll see if that works)

2. An interesting read on a different way to think about career decisions and giving your potential actions “the regret test.” This was posted on The Muse, if you don’t subscribe I highly suggest you sign up, great relatable reads about how to think about and deal with the career world.

3. Speaking of careers, I love a strong woman in the business world and Donna Carpenter of Burton Snowboards is one to look up to, read about her on Refinery29. Also I just love Burton so there ya go.

4.. I’ve missed smoothies and this one is calling my name, Maca Almond Butter and Jelly Smoothie from Aloha. Even though it’s getting cold, I’m making this a priority for my blender. 

5. And with that, let’s have a good weekend!

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