PV Body Review: Not For Me

December 27, 2012

A few weeks ago I posted about a company I was interested in checking out- PV Body (quick recap: you take a survey to find your fitness style then for $39.95 a month they send you a top and a bottom that matches your size & style). I decided to sign up and try the service and I’m sad to say I am not impressed.

I received my first box a month ago and it was a boring plain ugly orange tank top, the kind you might buy for $10 at any store. It was nothing special and it was SUPER tight and unflattering. The pants were gray workout leggings from American Apparel which were also a bit small for me, not to mention see-through when I bent over. After trying on both pieces I sent it back (free shipping both ways) requesting a refund. I haven’t gotten my refund yet but I did get a voice mail from the company asking why I didn’t like it and asking if they can send me something different. It’s nice they called to check but I’d rather just get my money back as I stated in my refund request as opposed to an exchange. Hopefully I can talk to them today and get my money back.

So after that first box I just figured it was a bad box and next month would be better. Well, I just got my second box and it has the same pair of pants, except this time in purple but I still don’t like them. The tank top is more unique and cuter than the first one,  but again, I don’t like it. Also, my fitness profile was “Cardio Queen” yet this tank top is from a company called Electric Yoga, so it doesn’t seem like they actually took into account what type of workouts I do. This tank top (HERE) is also really tight and not my style. I plan to return this box as well.

I do believe by signing up for this service you are getting pricey workout clothes at a good discount (since I signed up the price has gone from $39.95 to $49.95) and maybe I’ve just had bad luck with my first 2 boxes. I do think they should keep better track of what they send to you- I don’t want the exact same pair of pants in 2 different colors. My friend also signed up for this service & got the same tank tops 2 months in a row.

So while this service might work for some, perhaps I am more picky than most when it comes to what I wear to the gym. I’d rather spend a little more and get clothing that fits and I feel comfortable in.

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