PV Body- Workout Clothes Delivered to your Door

October 15, 2012

I just came across this site- PV Body and it looks like a fun site for fitness enthusiasts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a quick 60-second fitness profile questionnaire, answering questions like “whats your favorite way to workout” and “where do you like to work out” and “what celebrity matches your fitness style”
  • Get your results, pick your shirt size and pant size
  • Then, once you sign up for $39.95 a month, the PV experts put together an outfit that matches your fitness/style profile.
  • Each month you receive a top and a bottom in the mail and you can cancel at anytime

If you go on the site here, you can watch a video that highlights some of the products sent over. From the looks of it, this is an amazing deal. In the video PV is shown sending out Nike long sleeve tops, Lululemon shorts and other notable (and pricey) brands. Cute fitness clothing can be pricey, a pair of Lulu shorts typically retails for over $50 so to get those plus a top sounds like a stellar deal for $39.95 (this price already includes shipping). For those weary of having someone else pick out their clothes, you are able to return your entire box for a refund or just one of the pieces for an exchange.

I’m pretty tempted to sign up for this BUT my drawers of workout clothing are already overfilled so I may need to hold back. But if you’re still looking to build your fitness wardrobe, this sounds like something worth trying!

Have you used PV Body? How has your experience been?

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